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Home Bargains has the Novi Stars Stellar Skinz dolls for £3.99 each.

I got Gail Lexi today and she's really cute - very strange, but in an endearing way. I might get the other one later. 

I just got the Smyths Catalogue in the post and all there is for MH is the current family sets (not cleo) the little sisters, garden ghouls faries and treesa. Nothing else.

I suspect all we'll see of mh now will be the spinoff "monster families"

and then it'll be gone.

A real shame they couldn't end on a high note. Sadly, few doll lines do. Instead they kinda limp and finally drag themselves to their doom. It's depressing.

I'm seeing less and less mh in stores, heck, i'm seeing less and less dolls in general. What's up with that?

Anyone fancy the new basic Project Mc2 dolls?

Well they're in the UK right now, my Toys R Us had a few of them mixed in with the last wave of basics. No new deluxe dolls though. 

any sign of the black character? or is MGA still pulling their "let's put her in her own case derp" nonsense?

Oh yes, they had Bryden. She's one of the best ones of the wave (though I can say the same for most of her dolls). I might get her later on but I'm saving for the remaining deluxe ones from last year.



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