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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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It makes me sad too. The problem is I end up with dolls with missing arms. Or no clothes that I have to redress. I have to look for the missing limbs too. It can take ages! They were not £3 luckily. People give them to me or sell them for 10 pence in car boot sales if they have missing limbs.

I feel sorry for them but they take space and I have to spend time looking for their missing limbs. I enjoy restoring and redressing them but I have too many to take care of.

I have a Clawdeen with a badly chewed ear. One part is missing, she looks like Toralei! I felt sorry for her but...

I think you should leave them there. £3 is too expensive. It is bad enough when they are given to us! lol  So much work...

I buy all the Maddisons I see hahaha, they have to come home with me. 

if they still have Scare and Make Up Clawdeen and she's reduced could you pick her up for me? please, I have the Catrine that goes with that she's missing a tail but that was default right? 

Sure, she's nude but one of the few not covered in pen. I'll pop down tomorrow to see if they still have them and have a chat to the staff about the really mangled ones (cupid with orange lips aieeeee)

The clawdeen I have with a chewed ear is Scare and Make up Clawdeen! lol She was also missing her arms!

She has arms now but her ear...

She was nude also.

Oh well...


Ummm....the Scare and Makeup Clawdeen was paired with Viperine, not Catrine. I know, because I have both of them.  ;)  That was one cool gift set! 

Catrine was paired with Rochelle in the Ghoul Chat set.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

you are correct. Wierdly the Howleen in the charity shop is wearing Viperine's outfit.. but there's no viperine. Where'd she go?


I would not mind to find that Viperine one day!

Maybe she has been bought? Or she was so damaged, they did not give her away...Or they could have kept her.

Who knows! if anyone has facebook, there's a lovely lady selling the collector Bratz (only Jade and Cameron) for insanely cheap. She has a few of each.

I got a cam and a Jade. Both have very minor errors but they're really honestly pretty minor so you're about on par with what Amazon will send you but for a fraction of the cost lol.

I'll get a review of Jade up in a bit. But gotta share the info.

It is a shame I don't have a face book account, I would have bought Jade.

So is life! lol I really don't want to have a face book account.

don't worry I don't have a face book either and I don't want one, so we both miss out on that one deal.

Managed to get to a Smyths. They had Snapstars (£17 though, ouch. They had fashion packs too but the fashion packs look cheap and nasty)

Looks like we got both black girls though which is a shock.

Also both varients of the barbie wheelchair dolls! I grabbed one of each hah. £16:99 is a great price for them.

The rebooted equestria girls are down to £9:99 as well.

You might want to start checking Amazon over the next couple of weeks. There have been sporadic listings for the Wild Hearts Crew dolls going up. The first one I spotted was Rallee Radmore but by the time I was ready to order, she'd already sold out. Today Kenna Roswell popped up so I immediately put an order in for her - overall she comes to around £30 as she's on the UK site but the doll itself ships from the US. 

Apparently she's due to arrive at my house around September 10th, so I'll let you all know any updates. 


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