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I went to Smyths 2 days ago. I was shocked with the doll section. There is absolutely nothing I like. Except for the Boxy dolls but I don't like them enough to buy one and they cost £17. I went to the TK Maxx near it, and NO dolls. Feeling a bit disappointed, I went somewhere else to do some food shopping. There is another TK Maxx there so I thought why not have a look. To my surprise, I have found a project MC2 doll. She has a few QC issues but I could not leave her there. She is so pretty and I haven't seen a decent doll for so long, it was a shock! They also had Electrified Twyla. I have her already but I was happy to see her.

So today I decided to do a "TK Maxx trip" trying to find another project MC2 doll just in case I could be lucky and find one with no QC issues. I went to 4 TK Maxx quite near each others and NO decent dolls except Twyla in one of them. Only hideous baby dolls and a few Barbies. OH NO! What is happening?

Hello, Tula,

Congrats! Which Project MC2 doll is she? Which character? 

My local stores don't even have any Electrified dolls anymore.  :(  So sad.

I have this crazy theory about the absence of dolls these days. You know how everything these days is all about, "Little girls need to be....empowered, strong, smart, and invincible!"? 

Well, that's why I think that the dolls are gone. Mattel wouldn't dare pull the plug on Barbie, but, when it comes to all other dolls, all bets are off, because, due to social pressure, major toy companies are saying, "If it's a doll, it couldn't possibly encourage little girls to be empowered, strong, smart, and invincible!"

So....according to the current social rules, out go the dolls, and in come the computer games, the interactive stuffed animals, the science kits, and....the blind bag mini toys, and....

Countless numbers of girls and boys are going to be absolutely robbed of the wonderful, creative, hands-on experience that is doll play.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Just out of curiosity, which Project Mc2 doll did you find? I'm on a bit of a hunt for the purple haired McKeyla so I'd appreciate any info on what you've seen at TK Maxx. I've seen Camryn's Robot but I already have her, she's an excellent doll.

The other dolls at TK Maxx are all Disney Princesses, a few Forces of Destiny and some 2015 Bratz. I got Remix Sasha not long ago. 

Hello, Breanna,

I knew awhile back that I wasn't going to be able to afford that original Devon doll, so I have been thinking about which one I wanted to use as a "fake Devon" doll, and, at one point, that purple-haired McKeyla crossed my mind, because Devon is an artist and a rebel.  :)

I hope that you're able to find her someday soon.   :)

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

It is Adrienne's perfume. I would love to find the purple haired McKeyla too. She is so adorable. I was hoping to find more dolls from that wave but no. sigh. No Camryn's robot. I only saw the one I bought. She was hidden behind some sort of puzzles boxes. This is probably why she was still there. I checked the same TK Maxx today I only saw a few forces of destiny and 1 electrified Clawdeen. I just bought my first 2 Project MC2 dolls recently second hand. I would like to find one or two more, especially the purple haired McKeyla! LOL  Good luck finding her. It is possible she is part of the same wave.

I wish my TK Maxx had Sasha but all they seem to have is these hideous baby dolls dressed as teddy bears or butterflies.

The purple haired McKeyla is the same wave as Adrienne's perfume and Camryn's robot. That is a really good sign. 

I'm going on a big shopping trip this Saturday and I'm hoping I can find her then. 

Good luck!

I know it is possible to find her and I knew she was part of the same wave. What worries me is I only saw 1 Project MC2 doll (the one I bought) in only one TK Maxx. Generally, they have the same things in different shops. I saw Electrified dolls and Forces of destiny in several TK Maxx, Katana too (and the baby dolls in huge quantities in ALL TK maxx I have visited! LOL). I hope they don't have limited stocks of the MC2 dolls. And I can only visit the stores near where I live.

I hope we will both find her, it would be great! In the worst case, there is always Ebay. I saw one recently but the little girl she belonged to had cut her hair. She looked cool with a bob cut but I prefer to have one with long hair.


That purple-haired McKeyla is really something! I wish that I could find her, but I could always buy her somewhere online....

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I have seen Camryn's robot on the TK Maxx web site. It said only one left. I was wondering if I should buy her or not! LOL probably too late now anyway! They had only Camryn, no other dolls from the line.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I went to visit 2 TK Maxx a bit outside London where I go to car boot sales in the summer. I miss the boot fairs so it was lovely to go there. The TK Maxx near London don't have a great toys section. There, they had Bratz Sasha and Cloe Remix and Hello my name is Jade. Some Barbies, Rapunzel, DC girls, Electrified Twyla, Forces of Destiny. A lot more choice... but no Project MC2 dolls!

I also went to Home Bargains. They had cute Enchantimals sea themed dolls for £7.99 I think. A few forces of Destiny left cheaper than TK Maxx, Emoji Frankie, MLP stuff, 1 singing descendant doll etc... And Megablocks sets. I ended up buying a Megablock set with Lagoona. Biteology class. It was priced £3.99 so I could not resist! It is so cute. It ended up being in fact £6.99 but the manager let me have it for £3.99. Good bargain!

I don't think I will find any more MC2 dolls in TK Maxx.

I had a great day but I did not find the purple haired McKeyla!!

Camryn's Robot is an excellent doll! I'd 100% recommend her. 

But maybe that's because I have 21 Project Mc2 dolls...but I'm not disappointed with any of them :)

LOL... 21 is a bit too many for me! I have real space problem. I would not mind to have a few more in the future. The purple haired McKeyla is one of my favourite. I love her hair colour and her coat. She is adorable. I don't have Camryn and I would prefer to have one without gloves. This is why I was not sure to buy her or not. I don't mind to find them second hand so I hope I will find some later.

I know you would recommend Camryn's robot. I checked your reviews out of curiosity. You love them all!! ;-)


£14.99 at TK Maxx. They also had Adrienne's Perfume.


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