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score, lots of people seem to be finding super neila. I'd kinda like her but not enough to keep buying blind boxes. She's 1 in 40 which when you consider the others are 1 in 36 means she's not actually THAT much rarer. Which two do you need now?

well if I find her again I can keep her aside for you, her price has shot up on ebay again she was only listed yesterday and has 8 bids, the other two also have bids, I need the chef and the artist.

Home Bargains is getting in the aquatic-themed Enchantimals if anyone is interested.

I got the crab girl. They also had the starfish girl with the vanity table, and the colour-change clownfish girl (didn't see any of the other colour change ones). 

I do need those but I don't know when I can get to a Home Bargains, I could ask but my one might not stock them, they are the only ones I am currently missing, and the Polar bear but I already have ice cream truck as it's the same as the Penguin. 

They had DC girls in TK Maxx for £7.99 (very good price) if anyone is interested.

They had Katana, Starfire and Supergirl. Katana is very pretty. I was tempted to take her home but...I squeezed her hard glue head and saw "made in Indonesia"...sigh. She would have been my first and only DC girl if only she had been glue free! Can't cope with the dreaded Mattel glue!

TK Maxx have the 'schoolgirl to superhero' DC Girls on the website if anyones interested, didn't see them in store

Does anyone know if anywhere has gotten any of the lisenced Barbie fashion packs? the Hello Kitty, Super Mario etc ones? They're very pick and mix on Amazon and on price and if they will even ship to the UK...

I saw school supergirl in store they had her but no one else, I'm not interested in that line they are not that great, moulded printed uniform, lame. 

I haven't seen those in stores, I would like some of those too. 

I did however today get a Barbie dress from Entertainer, it's black and gold very nice and elegant. 

I work at Debenhams on the kids and Toys department and we've got TONS of the Hello Kitty fashion packs! They were on offer last time I was in, not sure if they still are? But if you have a Debenhams nearby check the toy section there. I haven't seen the Mario ones but then again I haven't dug through them either so they may be mixed in with the Hello Kitty ones. 

Still looking grim over on my end, the doll drought is well and truly here I think...

I picked up Starfire and Frost from DCSHG from TK Maxx...they also had Cheetah, Harley, Supergirl and Katana. They had the uniform to hero dolls of Supergirl and Starfire too. 

TK Maxx seems to also be getting the Electrified dolls now too...though my store only had Clawdeen. I wish I liked them...but they're just too 80's Barbie pop-girl band for me and I just cannot get into that aesthetic haha. I wish somewhere would get some of the reboot dolls that I actually Garden Ghouls or just the basic "ghoul squad" outfit girls. I know they're all cheap online but I'm old fashioned and don't really enjoy online shopping. 

Not really a sighting but I'm excited - I was gifted a £100 gift card for Amazon so I grabbed as many Ever After High dolls as I could...I managed to get Nina Thumbell, Justine Dancer, Melody Piper, Meeshell L'mer, Jillian Beanstalk, Courtly Jester, and Rosabella Beauty! I took a hiatus from collecting and missed a few EAH releases so I'm so excited to finally be completing my collection!

Now I just need the Daring two pack, Darling Charming, Bunny Blanc and Alistair Wonderland and my EAH basics collection is complete! If anyone is selling any of these hit me up!

score! well done on the eah

tk maxx here was pretty much empty. Really lame.

Wilkos had a whole case of the new fashionistas though. An entire case.

so that was kinda cool to see.

No MH anywhere, even Home Bargains only seemed to have voltageous hair frankie. But they did have a bunch of funkos. I grabbed a bioshock infinite Booker hahaha, I want Elisabeth now, she and my fallout 3 character can hang out and moan about terrible fathers, it'll be great.

Our local comic shop is sloooowly getting in my gargoyles funkos too. yay

but yeah, MH... just... nowhere. It's sad. Not even any mega clearance reboots.

And i'd think places would be getting in their pre christmas stock but nooope. Everwhere is like.. dead. All there is is bloody LOL everywhere.


Congrats, WinxMhara. I hope that they all look really good, with regard to the faces, and that they don't take a super long time to arrive, because they sound really cool!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie this got linked in a mh group on fb. Seems to be kinda like home bargains or B&M in that they get excess stock and resell it.

they have a LOT of mH but a fair bunch of it isn't that cheap. Still, the scream and sugar tru exclusive set, nice.

Also, Fresh Dolls! they're literally the ONLY Uk store i've seen selling these!

so that's awesome.

I had to order Indigo. I've wanted to review these for a while, the owner of the company is omg SO NICE but overseas shipping is sooooo expensive.


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