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wow I must check my boxes to see if codes are different. 

yeah those poopsie unicorns are insanely £50, which is ridculous for a blind bag toy, there is only 4 but still, no way are they worth that much they poop slime.

I found Bratz Snowkissed Cloe (the repackaged budget version) for £9.99 at TK Maxx - she still has all of her accessories as well, they're just in a bag at the bottom of the box. 

The Entertainer in town had Hairdorables so I grabbed one. They were almost hidden in the blind-toy section. But they had so many LOLs. 

Hello, Monkfish,

There was a Boo York, Boo York Catty and Nefera set? I don't remember that.  :O If it really included Catty and Nefera, though, I'm curious about it.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Hi Wolfie, it not not a set. They are sold separately.

Hello, Tula,

I thought so, but I was confused, because Monkfish seemed to refer to those two as being together.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

sorry I meant case. They had 2 full cases.

As in shipping boxes with the 6 individual dolls.

I did find it pretty strange they had 4 catty to 2 neferas in a box though, what's that about? Mattel's case assortments were always borked, they could never seem to get it right.

They had tons of Catty in Toys R Us. Mattel must have produced too many of her. I thought they would never manage to get rid of all these Boo York Catty dolls. It was the same in the 2 TRUs near me... shelves of Catty! lol She is definitely not rare!

Everywhere is so abysmal lately lol. I can't believe in a matter of months stores like B&M have gone from having a whole section for MH and EAH to literally having three things. I saw a ton of Mira Shards and the EAH winter dolls in Home Bargains about three weeks ago and now...vanished? No way they sold out already...

Anyway, my Poundland also had Catty and Nefera. It's weird though, everyone's talking about finding these in Poundland now...but I bought them from Poundland earlier in the year, like January?? Or maybe even December before that?? Was it only my stores who had them back then? Might be why everyone's finding them so dusty, maybe stores just forgot to put them out. 

Also, my poundland had Raven and Maddie first I think Spanish boxes? I picked up a Raven on an impulse lol there was a ton of her. I only saw one Maddie hidden behind the till in a basket? Weird. 

I had a mini breakdown the other day because I feel dumb haha. I kinda lost interest in collecting dolls...and now I regret it. All last year B&M, TRU, Home Bargains, even Poundworld had tons of Monster High and Ever After High dolls...freak du chic, Great scarrier reef, all sorts. But now? Nothing...all vanishing. It's making me sad because now I'm in a collector phase again and I'm seeing dolls that I saw in B&M for like £4.99 - £8.99 on Amazon now at cheapest for £24.99 ughhh. This is so sad. 

I think all the poundlands get pretty random stock because the one nearest to us gets totally different stock to the kingston one and the one in the other shopping center gets different stuff again. So it's possible that the MH cases were elsewhere and have either been shuffled around stores in an attempt to sell them, or yeah, were shoved out the back and forgotten about. Maybe they've put them out now because it was school holidays and christmas stock is starting to show up?

I gave up on playline dolls about 18 months ago to be honest. There just isn't much out there. A few new things have hit but they're all bloody blind boxes and crap and while I think they're cute, i'm not prepared to gamble that sort of cash. I'd much rather buy my toys sight seen.

Home Bargains has Forces of Destiny!

I saw quite a few different ones - the regular style Rey, Jyn Erso and Sabine, Chewbacca and three different Leias (the one with Wicket and the extra outfit, the one in the molded white suit, and the collector's style Leia in the white gown)

I got Sabine for £5.99 and the collector's style Leia for £10.99

SCORE! I want chewie, did you catch a look at how much he was?

I still really want Asokha and Luke but those are US only by the looks. Maybe TK maxx will find them.

did they have Padmae and Asokha? 

Entertainer had Luke for £6.77 but that was a while back, they only had one when I got him, they also had Chewie for £8.96 too. 

I will see if I can get white suit collector Leia. 

btw it burns me that Sabine is £5.99.


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