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yeah it's odd, they've always carried super hero stuff like DC and Marvel, and I saw these plush monster toys that weren't of the cute variety, they had big fangs and everything which is odd since they never carried MH, yeah maybe, or the history and they don't think they can sell them at full retail which makes sense they've been out in the US for a while now.

Just been to my Entertainer and they only had the Gala ones :(

B&M have the Harry Potter dolls (£17.99) if anybody is interested in them. Personally, they would give me nightmares! 

They also have lots of Shoppies (not cheap), Happy Places and Shopkins, Draculaura Welcome to MH play set, a not so great EAH playset, MH basic reboot and Emojis dolls, original DC heroes girls, an a few other dolls (can't remember exactly), some funkos (black widow and other marvel stuff) and some LOL pets. I have never seen so many toys there before! Shame none of them were interesting for me. Also, I would not call any of them bargains.

My local Asda toy section was a disaster. Open boxes, stuff all over the place. Worse than TK maxx on a bad day. There were hardly any dolls, a few Fashonistas.


which shoppies were they? did they have the new ones?

Sorry, I am not too sure. They had a tea party playset (I don't think it is new) and Shoppies I have never seen in Asda. I don't know if they are the new ones and I have forgotten the name of the line. TK Maxx have musician barbie. She's on the old fashionista style body I believe, but in super dark skintone. A tenner is a nice price.

Hello, Monkfish,

The page says, "OOPS! Item not available!", or something like that.  :(  I wonder if they're all sold out.... (?).

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

wow they went fast.

They did! lol They were still available yesterday evening. Not that I wanted to buy it but...  maybe they only had a few.

Poundland Kingston had Monster High! I spotted the boxes up on the high shelf "Mattel, Boo York" so I stood on tippie toes to get one down. 2 full cases of the nef/catty sets. 4 cattys, 2 nefera's per box. No prices, absolutely COATED in a thick layer of dust.

I took them to the till and they scanned at £5 each. SCORE!

so if anyone needed those two dolls, check out poundland! I've been to two poundlands today and the other one didn't have any, so they all get different stock in randomly but worth a check.

Also in Kingston, TK Maxx had LOTTIE DOLLS. Brownie Lottie for £7:99. Amazing price given they're £20 rrp and really cute dolls. Well worth it. We were tempted but I already have a Lottie so didn't really NEED another.

they also had Bratz Hello My Name is Jade for £10. Not bad, but not great either. Still, she's a cool Jade if you don't already have her.

Charity shop near us I got a Hatchimal lol. It's hilarious and random.

Bentalls had restocked and had a lot of the new glitter LOL balls (with the boxes unsealed up so you could if you were so inclined grab from the top) and Hairdorables (A huge collection of). I grabbed a hairdorable. I noticed they all have codes on the bottom? Two I picked up had identical codes, the rest were different. I wonder if that's a hint as to what's inside. I can't find anything online about it though and you'd think it's something collectors would have already picked up on? Hmm. I'll continue to investigate.

They also had the new Polly Pocket. omg they're so teeny. About 2x the size of the old pollys but the playsets are similarly teensy and so cute. Prices are good too. The small simple sets are £5 and the bigger ones are £12. They ONLY had a whole endcap of identical Polly sets sadly, I passed. Argos had the black girl with her music room but I want the outdoors campfire version lol.

they also had Barbie stuff including the newer wave of Fashionistas with the mouse ear puff girl and stuff. Cute. They had the kens too.

Entertainer had LOL, ALL the LOL. Like holy crud so much LOL. the boxes are sealed and tagged though, so you can't open them at all, you have to pick from the bottom. The lady restocking said not only do people try to break into the top of the box, the whole boxes "go walkabout" as people pick the whole thing up and wander off with them!?? wth?

No hairdorables in Entertainer, but they had just about every other blind bag toy including those poopsie unicorns and the associated glitter poop blind bags (wtf?)

Mmm no.

They had Barbie fashion packs (deluxe ones) but no barbie dolls (weird)

very few dolls at all, as usual.

But yeah, not a bad haul. Gonna do a blog later.

Oh, I would love another Lottie. I like her a lot! Is Kingston far from Richmond by bus? lol

I also wanted Hello my name is jade but £10 is a bit much.

It's about er.. half an hour at most? The quickest route is to go via twickers to be honest, there IS a bus from richmond but it takes this really wierd up the hill route so it goes around and around and is a bit nauseating. I'd usually either train it in or catch one of the buses into teddington and then switch to a kingston bus. Teddington has exceptionally good charity shops too.

I'll have a look.


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