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In my town, the Vampire Kitchen sets are still $44.99! <Sigh>

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

The Entertainer has the Star Wars Forces of Destiny doll sets including Luke and Yoda for £6.77 bargain! of course I picked up Luke he was the only one I was after, they also have the DC Super Hero Girls Masquerade ball dolls for £6.66 also a bargain, I picked up Harley and Starfire. 

The Masquerade dolls? Looks like I'm going to the Entertainer!

Same! i wanna see those in person

EEEK! Bargain! I really want that set!

Did they have many of them?

They only had one Luke but 2 of the others so maybe they had 2 of him and sold one.

Thanks for the notification!

The Entertainer's picked a strange price for the D.C. Girls Masquerade dolls, considering they're a Christian company!  Maybe the sale-reduction prices are automated.

Other than that, *makes note to run to shop to nab a Harley Quinn a.s.a.p.*


I will try to have a look but the Entertainer shops are miles away...

we have an entertainer not too far. Kingston has one as does wimbledon. Want me to keep a look out for you?

they look to have the masquerade dolls online too, but harley sold out.

Woking's Entertainer has the Wonder Woman and Starfire 'Masquerade' dolls (and 'Intergalactic Gala', which is £10) but apparently they never even got Harley, so I am (and probably lots of other people are) still looking for her.

I want her outfit for my M.H. 'Freak du Chic' dolls...

It is kind of you but no, don't worry. I am not collecting DC girls. I would not mind to have one with real clothes but it is OK if I don't.

I never manage to go to the Entertainer. It is quite far and I only can go there when I go to the car boot sale. There is one Entertainer not far...but it is always closed...the boot sale is on...SUNDAY!!

aww yeah, their sunday closing is a pain in the butt right?

Kingston entertainer moved into the mall a while back and since moving has gotten in very very few dolls. It's sad. They mostly just have bad clones and wonder woman dolls in clearance.

I'll have a look at some point this week if I get into town.


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