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Bleh, i hate that i can't ever find Sasha! So annoying considering shes my fav out of the reboot 5.

Just been out and about for something to do this afternoon. Went in the large Tesco for the first time. Nothing. No MH at all. Had some Pony stuff but i couldn't be bothered to buy it lol.

Home Bargains didn't have any MH or EAH stuff either.

TK Maxx was as already reported by Monk, but i found a Signature Raven Queen (don't need her) and some of the budget MH. Reboot Cleo and Clawdeen and the older Draculaura. I got Drac cos i wanted her outfit quite badly, and TRU had her for some ridiculous price like £12. £6.99 is better than £12 so i got her. And then they didn't even have it at TRU any more to see the price difference!

TRU also had the same old stuff at this point... Toralei/Catty pack still not on sale. They finally got the Electrified deluxe dolls in... EAH is just budget dolls now with nothing else.

Basically i was good to my purse and said 'just because i'm here doesn't mean i need to spend £30' and came away with nothing. If only i had this restraint more often lol!

Big ASDA in Nottingham yesterday had a couple of minis (haven't seen those in the wild in the UK for a while - maybe leftover stock?), reeboot basics (I saw Frankie but forgot to look through the shelf for Clawdeen or Cleo - anyone seen those in this country yet?), and most interestingly Electrified Venus and Cleo. Venus's joints are janked as per all her reboot dolls, of course:P

Yes! my ASDA has had all 4 at one point, pretty much when they first got them, but i havent seen Cleo since. Last time i went there they had 1 Clawdeen 1 Drac and like 5 Frankies.

My haunted Rochelle came! She was off Ebay, half what Amazon are asking and she's totally complete, just deboxed.

She's so freaking pretty.

Amazon continue to surprise me with their stock. Ghouls Alive Robecca for £19:99 (which was retail right?), haunted rochelle for £14:99 (again, her rrp) and Sweet Screams wave 2 for their RRP of £19:99 when we never even saw Abbey over here previously.

Looks like someone's cleared their old unsold stock and sold it to Amazon.

Definintely worth a browse through their doll section to see what else they have.

Also, Ebay seller had the reboot little fashion packs for £14:99 for all four, which isn't bad. I haven't seen those in the UK yet so not sure where they've gotten them from but at that price it suggests they should only be 2-3 quid each right? here's the link.

And those pet vinyls, they keep popping up on ebay. I recall someone saying they saw them in poundland or something? Anyone spotted those?

ooh i was gonna post that ebay link! i've actually bought them. I previously bought the frankie set from a different seller for £14.99 so its a bit ummmmmm upsetting? that now ive gotten all 4 for the same price.

and yes, the pet vinyls are at poundworld (think it was me that said it?) but they might not be for much longer, as i went in yesterday and they only had 1 sir hoots left and had reset their barbie fashion packs to different ones.

Got Sig Ghoulia and Robecca, I love shoes Drac and Cleo and Ghouls Rule Clawdeen from ebay now.... the finds man, the finds!

awesome! I'm still on the lookout for a complete I heart fashion abbey. There was an incomplete one for cheap but i'm not sure man.. I kinda... want all her stuff.

I wonder if we have a poundworld around here... hmm.

And yeah no way those sets are worth £15 alone, but yay for getting all four!

There's a lot of reused bits but if I still had loads of undressed dolls it'd be tempting. I like Cleo's dress, it's very similar to one of her older dresses (same fabric) but looks really nice on a doll. Frankie's is cute too.

I saw the pet vinyls in Home Bargains for £1. Got myself a Watzit as already had the rest. (Friend sent me them from America) 

Thanks for the tip monk, just bought the fashion pack set. Wasn't there supposed to be two runs of fashion packs though?

Amazon finally have the w2 signatures in. Cleo, Lagoona, Clawdeen.

Also shriek wrecked gil for £11.99

I've checked B&M and TK Maxx over the last few days and nothing new to report. Same stuff as last month in TK Maxx (shriekwrecked is £10 now) and LESS stuff in B&M. No more 17 inch Maddie or Picture Day anymore here.

I did notice on the Smyths website that a lot of stuff is reduced, like the slimline electrified are down to £8 if anyone needs them still. Seriously doubting at this point we will get any other new lines unless TRU gets them like 4 months later than the US as usual (and god forbid theres a Walmart exclusive or something)

I mean i don't WANT any of the new stuff cept the Garden Ghouls, but it hurts for other people if they do.

Looks like most of the smyths stuff is out of stock anyway. And it's seriously denuded, like.. half a page of dolls all down in price?

Most places except tru seem to be shedding their mh stock.

I think we can pretty safely at this point trot out the RIP signs. It's the end of the road.

Such a shame Mattel wouldn't let it die on a high note and had to drag it through the mud before putting it out of its misery though.

they did the same to My Scene.


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