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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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they did have Gil, they had two of him I bought one so maybe someone else bought the other one.

Deuce, Abbey and Moanica are all Asda exclusives so will be sold there, however no news on them showing up yet but I think the U.S just got them.

yeah i thought that but OP sadi she says dance fright away inc moanica.

Maybe she meant the Moanica/Draculaura two-pack? Or possibly single-pack Moanica if they have her.

Yes, it's the two-pack.

Oooh cool, is offer buy two or one? Says one on website. :) 

buy one get one free

Whoops, that's what I meant, sorry.  >.<  I was in a hurry to write the update. :D

forgot to say picked up the out of tombers/boo york catty noir 3 pack in msyths for £20, no sign of the wolf pack yet though but i got that in asda.

Smyths has 20% IN STORE only on all toys till Monday

I live nowhere near one, but for those with a Smyths nearby, worth a check?

Sucks. Absolutely Sucks. Sucks because i wanna get all the shriekwrecked line, as well as original ghouls but im so desperately trying to create a budget with my money lol.

I'm trying to start driving lessons after christmas and no way in hell will i be able to afford them as well as my first car with the amount of dolls and MLP stuff constantly appearing. That and things like video games... IM SO TERRIBLE WITH MONEY. Literally just got home from buying Equestria Girls Minis from ASDA lol!

The Minis are at ASDA! £2.47 each.


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