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the monsterous rivals 2 pack has hit, least Argos is saying "due to collect in 2 days"

Bentzen toys have them for the same price. I wrote a review.

I'm actually quite impressed. the new bodies are really well made.

Amazon has the new basic Draculaura, Frankie and Ari available for pre-order. Says released august 18th. They're £14.99.


Just a quick one. Saw these at the weekend in smyths and thought I'd let people know.
Sorry, I can never get 2 images to upload at the same time. Here's number 2

Yep. I'm sold - definitely getting Moanica now we know she's in a single pack. 

Thanks for the pictures :D

Argos catalogue is out tomorrow. 

TRU have a sale on all Monster High must be getting ready for the reboot, though nothing is really majorly cheap yet give it time they might get even cheaper and there might be deals too, so could be similar to the U.S one I don't know but nice to see it happen.

Okay argos has a load of the mh reboot stuff, nothing we haven't seen before but the prices look good. Most are £16:99

they also have some EAH. Meeshell and Melody!? no sign of Nina or Justine though, eugh. *sigh*

Also Bratz Instapets, but they look to be the only bratz they got. Weird.

Lots on special offer. DC girls are £15:99, a lot of MH is 20% off including the moanica/ula 2 pack at £19:99 (bargain)

Not a lot of the reboot stuff is in stock yet though.

I found the new Project Mc2 Devon D'Marco at Smyths today!

They had Adrienne, McKeyla and Bryden as well. They may have had Ember but I didn't check. No sign of Camryn.

The price is still £24.99

Very have a load of new stuff in:

Including new budget MC2 (a third wave i'd never seen before including budget versions of hte two new characters, wow), they have some reboot MH (no clawdeen, I thinks she's shipping later which frustrates me. Mattel is pulling an MGA with this crap). Also speaking of MGA, Very have a listing for Instapets Sasha.

they also have game developer barbie, which is awesome as Amazon sold out really fast.

They also have the two new MTM Barbies (redhead and dark skinned blonde)

I t hink a lot of people forget about Very, they're often slightly more expensive (by about £1 in most cases) but they've always been super good at getting stuff out for me.

Anyway, doing my usual rounds of bargains. Very have the "welcome to monster high" Cleo and Lagoona for only £12

Click and collect is still free or home postage is £3:99

I'm relieved that the new MTM Barbies are coming to the UK - since they weren't in the Argos catalogue I was slightly worried they wouldn't be sold over here. No worries now, of course :D

On the Prodge front, Amazon has a listing up for the deluxe Ember (also the new deluxe Adrienne and McKeyla), but it'll be two to four weeks before she's in stock.

Another listing I've found on Amazon is for the Bratz Music Festival Sasha for £21.99, as well as Selfie Wave 2 and the Instapets (no Sasha though). You can easily get Selfie Wave 2 for cheaper at Argos though.

yes and MGA's uk Bratz twitter are promoting the hell out of not just music fest but study abroad w2 which I find curious. Fingers crossed!

Sasha they do have, they sent me one as a "sorry we lied to you and said we'd produce black dolls then totally put her in a separate case like the racist douchebags we are" apology. She's gorgeooous.

Instapets.. I want the articulated bodies but I seriously hate those faces. Wth is even with those faces? like.. why? why Mga?

Anyway, looks like stuff is slowly trickling out but it's really random who has what.


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