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Sweet! Kjersti is so cute and Isi's beautiful so bargain! odd about Batsy though. They must have different numbers.

Still, YAY!

I wasn't all that bothered about batsy and isi, but I thought if they were so cheap I could get them and pass them on to someone who was having trouble finding them. However I unboxed isi and she's kinda growing on me, her eyes are MASSIVE though, it's unsettling!

DC Superhero Girls are on the Smyths website, scheduled for next month! All six of the action dolls are there.

Argos has Dance the night away Draculaura playset (£49.99 :O) and Draculaura & Moanica two pack (£29.99) on their website. Says the set is in stock but not the two pack. 

DUDE! I looked on Argos' website like an hour ago ffs! lol. Looks like the 2 pack is gonna be the same price most places then. I preordered via a guy one facebook who happens to have a store. postage is a few pounds more but a bus trip to argos is a similar amount.He said they're due Monday, so I assume Argos will have stock next week as well.

Sounds like reboot is just about to hit, i'm trying to see if I can get shelf dates from him, because he said he has shriek wreck but can't sell them yet because of the shelf dates. So stock may very well be in stock rooms, just sealed up awaiting the okay from Mattel.

But oooo exciting. I look forward to reviewing the reboot, we definitely need a few brutally honest and very critical reviews to balance the "so pretty, oh so pretty" videos hahah.

Haha I hear ya there. I haven't came across any reviews that mentions any negatives, they're all just positives. Look forward to your review! also added them to their listings along with 2 new frightmares.

So looks like there may be a near simultaneous release. How exciting.

May I just add that when I went into Argos a few days ago, they had DC Superhero Girls on their database in store, but not on the online website.

I forgot to check the stock though.

their shelf date is July 1st I believe

That seems to be the case for Smyths as well.

Smyths vouchers! £6 off when you spend £20




they don't stack unfortunately, and shipping is £2:99 so it works out £3:01 off if you're getting delivery. However, you can collect if you live near a Smyths and can do multiple transactions to pick up using both codes (as the rules state 1 use of a code per household, it could be a loophole if you have a difficult store clerk.)

Also you could try printing both out and using them together in store.

Anyway, not worth it for me as there's no smyths nearby, £3 off just isn't good enough a deal. But could be useful to some people.

Someone on Tumblr in the UK has found the Minis - seems to be the bags-only version that has shown up in Australia, which is cool because it'll make it easier to avoid doubles. Has anyone else seen them? He/she didn't say where they'd bought them, unfortunately.


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