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My tesco did drop the price of MH to stupid cheap but alas, someone else cleared them out. Boo.

Apparently asda have marked the werecat scooter set down to £7

Tesco have Bratz for £5 (haven't seen any in mine because again, cleared out bah)

Disney princesses (hasbro) are 2 for £20 in tesco right now

Asda are asking a piss taking £18:97 for the budget ghouls getaway dolls

Kinda annoyed, I keep missing all the sweet sales because my local stores suck.

tru Hayes today was packed full of dolls


I found one single set of the londoom 3 pack, £29:99 and rammed behind loads of other random dolls. I didn't buy though, as I really only wanted Elissabat and I think I can live without her.

They had a fair few of the boy 2 pack with deuce and gil, it's £11:99 which is a bargain.

They had ONE Neighthan at £4:99 but about 40 Porter Geiss dolls at an over retail £22 (wth?)

They had in fact so many freaky fusion and haunted dolls they had piled them up on the upper shelves near the ride on car section, above all the playmobil and lego (you know those shelves you can only reach with a ladder or a cherry picker? ) one stack was JUST porter, I counted at least 20 all stacked on top of one another up there. MADNESS.

They had a lot of ghoul spirit and some ghoul fair though it was all full price. I even spotted some Black carpet dolls (lagoona and Draculaura) but they wanted like £16 for them!?

they had one solitary EAH dragon games doll, Raven. Disappointingly. She was rammed right to the back behind a load of apples and a whole case of Ashlynns.

While I was standing in the aisle in fact a woman came along with MORE boxes to add to the already overflowing shelves. She told me the manager kept demanding they "stacked shelves" regardless of the fact the shelves had no more space.

That explains why the doll section was such a chaotic mess. None of the shelf labels matched what was on the shelf above, all the dolls were mixed together and stuff was stacked on top because there was nowhere else to put it.

The playsets take up so much space. They had the freaky fusion frankie playset, the eah maddie playset, astranova (both versions) for £47:98 or something similar and then were trying to ram some of those school creepateria and such sets onto the groaning shelves.

Amongst the chaos I found a very old looking box. Original favourites (that is, the full rerelease) Clawdeen in the second wave cardboard box, international diary version but she has her original coloured stand and her pet. £9:99 struck me as a great price for a little taste of nostelgia and then while I was looking through the mess on a high up shelf looking for a black carpet clawdeen (alas, no luck) I found Original favourites Ula too! Sweet.

I sold my originals years ago. I never liked their wall eyed faceups  but the second wave ones have much more even and nicer eyes imo. And the bonus is they have their pets, original stands and all their accessories.

Popped into tesco after and they had the rerelease narrow box versions and WOW they look crap by comparison. I held them up against the ones from tru and yeesh.. the lack of detail is so obvious and glaring. Plus their faces aren't as nice lol.

Tesco had very little stock and everything was a bit overpriced. They had one lone Bratz but wanted £25 for her, so sod that.

Tru had bratz hidden over in the toddler section (huh?) and they were all last season and full price. Nooo way. Apparently they do price match but I don't trust them, they're weasley in tru.

they had new hasbro disney dolls, £12:99 which I feel is way too much but they did have ALL of them including the ethnic minority princesses. So that was nice.

They also had a standee shelf for decendants, all last season and all still £20+

I found a single lone La Dee da in the moxie girls (no price label so who knows) and oddly, a Moxie teen fashion pack in a torn up box. Uh... weird. It was a pj set sadly, so SUPER boring and really pink so PASS.

Barbie they had a lot of stuff. But it was all way more expensive than any other store. The Made to move dolls look nice but at £16:99 they can bite me.

Still, was nice to see actual stock. It may have been mostly older stock, but at least there was stuff on the damn shelves. The kids had fun and I came home with two old style MH boxes soaked in nostelgia. Gosh I miss these card boxes, they were so much quicker and easier to open. Squeeze one side and pop, now you can get the doll out. Done.

I hate the newer boxes, they don't store nearly so well being almost all plastic, they cut my hands and it takes so long to get them open that i've got a stack of them upstairs I am dreading opening.

And ooo coloured stands how I miss you. I never quite understood why Clawdeen had the ugly orangy rust coloured stand but oh well.

Also, lolling hard at Crescent's french name being "croissant" because despite knowing it means literally "crescent" i just think of the pastry.

I managed to get the Bratz 5-pack from Smyths for £30. It's not online anymore but it's reduced in stores. They also had Haunted new characters for £7 each - mostly Kiyomi from what I could tell in store.

B&M had lots of Monster High. They had Picture Day Operetta, Haunted budget girls, Coffin Bean W1 and a few other lines, but they had Boo York Gala Ghouls for £9.99 each which was a huge surprise.


Not sure if anyone knows more about this, but just discovered they are making a Lady Gaga monster high doll.

Follow link to read article yourself

yasssss, totally getting this.

Smyths had wave 2 of the mega blocks mini monster high figures in stock at Thurrock.

Also popped to toys R us there and spotted a couple of new things so thought I'd spread the word.
And this as well


I was gonna import but for once looks like it's cheaper to just buy from the UK

YAY! When I next have money, I know what i'm buying lol.

so we are at least geting fierce rockers then thats goodnews.

i just need to import the 5 pack and boo york 3 pack then.

Woking news: Toys'R'Us has the 'Fierce Rockers' Toralei-and-Catty two-pack, and the 'Frightfully Tall' 17" Elissabat doll.  Also had a box marked 'Fishified', presumably the Lagoona/Frankie etc. 'Great Scarrier Reef' mermaids, but I didn't ask to open it.

They've got 'Ghouls' Getaway' Meowlody and Jinafire, and some of the new unarticulated basic dolls.

Has anyone seen any of the new Project MC2 deluxe dolls anywhere? I'm having a really hard time finding the new ones. 

If anyone has a toy shop called Toytown near them they had older dolls at half price, got Ghouls Alive Clawdeen for £10.99 instead of £22.99 My local B & M had Frights, Camera, Action Clawdia & Elisabat for £10, and Home Bargains had a few Boo York Casta Fierce dolls for £10.99


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