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ghouls alive 7.99 in poundstretcher
Just seen deluxe Draculaura on for £70 if anyone is looking for her

Wow, they seem to have really made a load of them right? It's cheaper to import from the US though if you want her.  Works out with shippng and customs etc only £40

And takes about 7 - 10 days to arrive.

I keep umming and erring as to whether I want her. Her eyes bother me but the rest of her is so stunning. argh.

£55 on Amazon uk

not too bad, depends how fast you want her lol. She's about $35 on amazon us and keeps going down.

I'm still waiting for tru to get off their butts and put the fierce rock packs online and for the price of frightmares to come back down *sigh*

Btw, apparently Sainsbury have dead tired and gloom beach rereleases. Has anyone seen boo york frightseers for cheap anywhere? they keep popping up for £8 and less on Ebay so they gotta be cheap somewhere, but I can't figure out where.

Somewhere finally got the new Project Mc2 Dolls with Experiments:

All four of the new experiment dolls are there.

The Disney Store website are selling the Star Darlings dolls online:

They're the Star Glow edition ones, but they're not £30, but rather £20.95. A pleasant surprise. All five are currently in stock.

oh wow that IS a much less painful price. Still way too much, but less insane. I like Scarlet Expensive, but it's the costco exclusive set if anyone was after it.

Wow that is good news but I'm not sure I want to pay £40 just for Catty, I already have Draculaura and Clawdeen so paying that much doesn't seem worth it, though I'll keep an eye on it see if it lowers, I still need the city Ghouls set too still haven't found it think it's a goner now.

just my luck i would have bought it but feel i've spent too much this week as i finally gave in and bought the play arts leon kennedy figure.

i'll probably have double bad luck and they'll now bring his resident evil 6 doll out.

i keep checking the price on astranova not willing to pay more than £25 no luck yet.

i've seen astranova for £20 on ebay, she's deboxed but complete... might be your best bet there. I paid about £25 for mine because like you, no way was I paying over the odds for a playset I didn't even want.


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