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it wasn't till i fully unpacked my boo york 3 pack realised my moucedes has no tail i never noticed the tail till i saw others photos of the set. i can't send it back so well have to hope mattel send me the part.

oh no! her tail falls out super easily, are you sure it wasn't in the bottom of the box? Mine's keeps falling off, it's driving me mad.

checked everything definatly no tail.

mattel had no spares so tried asking asda no tail from them either but they offered a £5 e voucher better than nothing i guess.

not much luck this week with monster high made a toysrus order got a paypal tranaction but no order in order history or confirmation e-mail but toysrus says it's gone well wait and see if it turns up.

i had this problem before with paypal on a photobox order a odd glitch?

also got all my monster high doll accessories out this week and have lost 2 of clawdeen sport fashion pack earrings i kept them safe for years.hoping they turn up i suspect the hoover has them now.
Neither of my boo York 3 pack have tails! Are we sure she comes with one?

Mine had hers, though it falls off a LOT. That's so weird.

They definitely do. Lots of people saying they haven't gotten them, others found them in the bottom of the boxes :)
Lots of Amazon reductions
Astra £35, Fdc dolls 10.89, boo York catty n Nefera 12.50, gooliope £19, Elle and Luna £16
And Tru 3for2 on until sunday

Not just MH, but worth noting Smyths have sale on too. Bratz Winter dolls are half price, down from £30+ to only £15! Bargain! The dance doll single packs are only £10 and everything else is seriously reduced too. Worth looking at if you're into Bratz.

They've also reduced a few MH bits and bobs. Goregeous accessory dolls are a far more reasonable £14:99, which is what they SHOULD have cost originally. -_-

EAH getting fairest are clearanced £5:99

£15 for the hunter/ash two pack

Amazon still are the cheapest for Astranova that I can find, and she's still way overpriced imo.

Very have 342 on toys as well. But they also have everything at full price to counter it so it's not that much of a deal.

Tesco have their clubcard boost on all toys, which is very useful. I managed to get £30 off kid's christmas stuff lol.

My local home bargains had the Sig EAH girls for £9.99 each, the original ones with all their rings and bracelets etc

Sainsbury, popped in today to get some painkillers.


Ghoul Chat is £15, looks like all the mh stuff is reduced. I didn't have long, just a quick glance but they had the circus line for under £14 too.

So worth a look if you're near a big sainsbury.

Wow £14 it was out of stock online last time checked the ones near me don't have exclusives and some don't even sell toys which sucks as I do need that set, any sign of the makeup one?

didn't see it, I suspect that store wants rid of the two packs they have so they can get scare and makeup out lol.


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