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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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Yeah I thought it could've been the mega bloks figures. They're not
Blind packed though, and there were no 'MegaBloks' logos on the box, just MH. Weird.
I'll keep checking and update when I can! :3
iris clops is on toys r us site £24.99,you can only find her if you type in iris though.

yeah I got a catalogue in the post with another £5 off voucher and I noticed is £24.99 and also Astaranova is £52.99 £10 off still not enough for my liking lol, and the Rochelle Freak Du Chic set is £39.99, so some deals there, Casta Fierce is also pretty cheap she's £14.99 if anybody is looking.

The Asda 30% off deal is finally active :)


I'm so upset.

Toy Shed, this small toy store on our high street. Popped in today with the kids to have a little look. Haven't been there for months, it's overpriced and has crap selection but I thought i'd have a look anyway.

as soon as I stepped in the owner got hostile, demanded to know why I was there and when I said just browsing he went off at me about controlling my kids (who weren't doing anything, they'd just walked into the store too!)

I was just.. shocked. Bundled them up and left immediately. I mean, I just... I don't think i've had someone be THAT rude to me in a toy store before.

If you hate kids, why would you run a toy shop?

I cried most of the way home, i just felt so attacked. I'd done nothing, i'd just walked through a door and suddenly hostility. Like.. what?

So yeah, avoid Toy Shed in Whitton if you happen to be in the area. It's horrible and doesn't even sell MH anyway.

Yikes, that's horrible :( I'm sorry, darling *hug*
How rude!! Is it an independent? If not I'd be tempted to complain! That's awful!
I hope you're alright, it's disgusting how they treat you! Absolutely disgusting.

yeah independent. I sent him an email basically calling him out on his behaviour and telling him not to contact me regarding my complaint, which made me feel slightly better. Got to call him a rude jerk, just not so much to his face as i'm a coward.

But i'm still pretty upset about it. I had a real good cry this afternoon, I don't deal well with conflict and it was just another "you're not good enough, you suck as a parent" sort of thing to add to a long list. Yesterday it was a teacher rudely writing me notes about how to bathe children which was just superbly rude and just.. not her damn business (seriously, wth? Why do I need to be told to wash my kids? do they stink? they don't stink! What a mean thing to insinuate) and then this today just... yeah.

I hope my Smyths order hurries up and gets here because I need cheering up.

Well I'm sending you positive feelings hun, there really is no need for these rude people.
What is wrong with people nowadays??
I'm really sorry to hear you're going through a sucky time :(

Bratz 2015 Sleepover Yasmin and Jade are on Asda's site at the moment. Out of stock, and no Cloe or Sasha yet.

Oh yes, and thirty pounds each. 

That's how much they are in the U.S so was kind of expecting the same or more, the winter dolls are the same price in the states too, it's very worrisome are all deluxe dolls going to be that price soon? hopefully we will get Cloe and Sasha I wonder if Sasha ships on her own for this one? we should get Cloe no doubt though, I am looking forward to getting Jade I will get her first then leave the rest till clearance maybe.


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