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Hi. Not sure if I missed a posting about this one earlier or if it's not been announced yet, but found this new 2-pack in my local sainsburys. It's called scare and make-up and is priced at £22.99.

yay they have it, only problem none of my local Sainsbury's seem to get the exclusives in, I never found Ghoul Chat and MF was a pain to find luckily they had that online but last year they didn't seem to have toys online, if they have this online it will be easier, I really do want this pack.

1Dlover, the Ghoul Chat pack is on the website if you search for Monster High, so maybe the new one will be too.

Thank you! I thought they stopped selling toys online, let's hope the new one will be too, and hopefully I can order both.

Saw this weird empty box in Tesco. No labels, no bar code. Asked a sales rep if they could find out for me and she couldn't, but she thought they were little blind bags! Like little bags with a little figure inside and some candy? I'll keep checking to see if stock is updated :)

the megablocks single figures maybe? they're blind bagged

I thought the Mega Bloks figures were marked by character. The box looks like the right shape for them.

Also, Tesco has Frightmares too?

3 for 2 argos

one little problem though for some reason you get the 3rd free doll yet it charges the was prices for the others

so instead of £19.99 it was charging me £26.99 another monster high sale scam?
Everything went back to full price when the new 3for2 started.

Omg, I saw this box the other day the other day and had no idea what it could be? My initial thoughts was that it was for fashion packs but we'd probably know by now if they were releasing new ones. The box has been removed now anyway so idk if we'll ever find out what it was for.


Awesome! Also worth a note, Argos has put up Hello My Name Is Sasha online.


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