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huh.. that's not right. It claims the discount's already applied but no discount IS applied. It looks as though it's not kicking in. If a few of us email about it maybe they'll fix it because otherwise it's a trading standards issue and they could get in trouble. 30% off is a great deal but only IF it's actually kicking in.

I may have phoned them (not weird honest)
he went away for a while and said the discount was on everything meant to be discounted (tried to claim the wolf family pack showed that, but that's been cheap for over a week)
He said they're gonna look into it, I think it might be a mistake as when you click shop the discount the page can't be found. hoping it's not though.
£25 gooliope would be great...I need another to customise 

Yeah I asked and they said "oh we'll look". I'm gonna keep harrassing them because £35 for that three pack? I'd buy it without even thinking!

Heck, they lost themselves an instant sale this morning not having it sorted.

I'd probably have thrown in a fright mare too but nope, instead they're messing us about. I wonder if threats of trading standards might hasten their reply. Because advertising 30% off but not actually giving it does equate to deceptive, consumers less on the ball might assume those prices are with the 30% off applied and think they're getting a deal when they're not.

It's just dodgy.

And annoying because i'd buy loads if it was actually working.

Just got an email stock update. Finnegan Wake is now in stock on Tesco Direct, available for click and collect! :)

Picked up alistair, faybelle, rosabella and bunny from argos for £9.99 each! Very pleased, although not sure why darling wasn't also reduced? Slightly annoying however is that the packaging is international with lots of different language translations (and i keep eah in box) but still i'm pleased with the prices :)

Also, argos has way too wonderland for £14 and enchanted picnic £9, very tempted.

TRU 'boro has finnegan and iris, gonna pick up finnegan tomorow :)

48 hours and Asda didn't reply and were still showing deceptive banners so I phoned them. Told them the problem and the woman told me "the prices are what they're meant to be" so i said to her "so did they inflate the prices 30% so they could then claim "bargain, 30% off?" and she said they couldn't mistakenly price things, if the discount was advertised it was applied. I told her such practises were illegal, she didn't seem to care. I told her I would be contacting head office and trading standards and she told me that was fine.

So I started my email and checked the site about 5 minutes later to get a screenshot and lo and behold, magically all the banners have changed to "spend and save" banners instead.

Huh.. could it be the threat of legal action spurned their tech support people into action?

So yeah, there is no 30% off, Asda lied. If it was a glitch it should have been fixed a lot sooner, I suspect they were hoping people wouldn't notice. What they did was illegal, they could be fined for it and I hope they ARE. They have offered no appology and no explanation despite my several messages to them so i sent the email to head office anyway.

I bet they'll ignore me.

terrible customer service from Asda, i'm pretty disgusted by them tbh. I feel like they were intentionally trying to deceive and their silence is because they were caught out. I'm actually pretty mad at them for this. They lied, and they don't seem to care. That's just unacceptable as far as i'm concerned.

Maybe there will be a 30% off some time in the future, but i'm not actually sure I want to give them my money now you know? Their attitude has grossed me out.

The "eh, not my problem" tone of the customer service woman was quite concerning. She honestly didn't seem to give a single toss. If that's how it'll be when things go wrong, I don't want to risk giving Asda my custom you know?

I thought exactly the same thing, and felt the same way when he was trying to tell me the discount was applied.
I had to explain that 30% of £35 was not 3 pence!
I think you're right, did you take any screenshots? I thought about it.
If it was a genuine mistake I feel like they would have apologised.

Sadly didn't get a chance to as they changed it as soon as i threatened them with trading standards. I sent an email anyway scolding head office for their deceitful tactics. Heh. I doubt they'll do anything though. not massively impressed with asda right now. Makes me glad I shop almost exclusively at tesco tbh.

you got a better response than i did i e-mailed them all i got was a foreign bloke phone message saying something about monster high wasn't in stock which had nothing to do with what i said,i also noticed a few hours after the 30% offers had mysteriously gone.

he also said he'd also e-mailed me but didn't.

i doubt it was a glitch more like quick change it there on to us

Deluxe Draculaura now in the UK on, I'm not liking that £70 price tag though...

She's only around £50 on very :)

Draculaura has been reduced now by 20% to £56. 

Argos did have cleo and deuce 2 pack for £17.49 and ghoul fair for £7.49 don't know if these prices will hold with the 3 for 2 :)


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