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yuck, knew she would be overpriced. yayfinn thouh

Yeah, thankfully I had a gift card so she was only £15! She's so pretty but not worth £30 :\

Tesco have lots of reductions, BYBY new ghouls £22, Villains £16 but the budgets were still £18?
Frightmares £10, basic rerelease ghouls but I can't remember the price, maybe £13?

I had a double up voucher, which turns £5 into £10 so got one of the Frightmares (who are all reduced to £10) for free! Quite a good day to say I didn't want to leave the house haha.

Husband rang me at lunch to tell me TRU in Woking had Finnegan Wake. 5 of them apparently, which he dug through to pick me out the best lol.

very very happy, very good hubby yesss.

Wilkinson's have the MH Vinyls in apparently!! It took so long for somewhere over here to get them in that I'd given up hope of ever seeing them in person. They're £12, which is fine, not much more expensive than a Pop!.

This the one in Prospect Centre?! :o


You seem to be my go-to person for doll spotting haha, thank you :D

Asda have a deal going. Spend £50, get £10 off at checkout. Spend £100, get £20 off.

Not sure if it's online only but it does mean that boo york 3 pack is £40 instead of £50. argh temptation.

Also, Smyths have bratz metalic party or whatever up for preorder. due out beginning of next month.

Very have a lot of stuff on sale including Finnegan wake for £16 something. Astranova is under £50 too.

So yeah, lots of price reductions but things are still a bit pricey for my wallet.

Wow £16 so soon that is very tempting to get a second one.

is the Asda deal on just toys? or anything it would be tempting to get the 3 pack and maybe even the Werecats though they are rather pricey so would only be £50 instead of £60 still seems like a lot.

I can't wait for metallic dance party I am going to get them all.

I'm pretty sure it's because the rest of the monster exchange line is reduced to that and they have listed him as in the exchange line on very and littlewoods.
For that price I want him kind of...

oh I see so they thought he was a part of the exchange line like a lot of people did very interesting, the exchange dolls were the same price too so I guess it makes sense, but a good bargain.

Asda are being a big scam they claim they have taken 30% off monster high dolls yet there exactly the same price as yesterday before the offer was on surely that shouldn't be allowed.


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