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Omg, i've been checking their website ALL week in the hope he'd come on stock but no luck thus far.

Congrats! how is he?

He is stunning. I couldn't wait to unbox him, his chair, the slight shimmer on his tail, his tattoos, that mohawk!! I LOVE him!!

I hope you get some near you soon, if not let me know and I can grab you one. He's definitely worth getting in my mind!

Well I checked smyths site. Looks like the north has stock in store, but the south still nothing. As usual.

I hope tesco get him in soon too. It's gonna really peeve me off if it's smyths and in store only as our nearest store is fricken SLOUGH. 12 miles away, or an hour and a half by public transport. Uh... screw that? 32 minute drive which is a bit excessive to go to a toy store I think.

Dang it, I hope he's available online soon, my nearest is reading I can always ask my Dad to go in there, We really need more Smyths stores nearer to us, thing is where to build them since they are big stores, but it would be handy since they seem to be getting stock first before other stores, they are not making TRU look good at all, Tesco doesn't seem to be too reliable these days the only new stock they got in was Boo York budgets, everywhere is overloaded with old stock is getting really frustrating, they all seriously need a big clearance sale.

Anyway quick heads up, Entertainer and TRU have got Bratz in but no Sasha I guess because she ships in her own case she might come in later, I hope so anyway, she is on the back of the boxes and including on the TV adds and on some of the sites, so if they don't then I will write to MGA and tell them I'm going to sue them for false advertising, but hopefully we get her, I don't think I saw Selfie Cloe either I really want her, I grabbed Hello My Name Is Jade.  

Are they going to be selling Bratz fashion packs again? I want new clothes for my dolls dammit!

Smyths had a ton of new Bratz, including some snow ones (I'm not really into Bratz but the outfits in that were tempting)
I may get the photo booth tho if I see it cheap, that thing is sweet!

I didn't any fashion packs yet but give it time, there are listings for them online I believe plus the shoes which will be handy though the new shoes don't fit older Bratz it's still always handy to have shoes, I like the snow ones too but £33 have they lost their minds? I saw them in person they look great but not worth that price, £22 would have been better and hopefully they will reduce in price.

That's good that means he should hit all stores or most stores, I don't often go in Sainsbury's and I don't think they sell toys online anymore, my local one doesn't sell toys but my other nearest one dose but not all toys he's not exclusive thank goodness so they might stock him but hopefully other stores will get him soon, I will get him from whatever store has available first.

another heads up Argos now has Descendants they are in the new mini catalogue I think it comes free with magazines or newspapers or in the post but they have all except the 2 packs, the good signature dolls are £24.99 though and the coronation villains are £19.99 so wondering if this is an error also looks like one number but worth checking.

I honestly don't know where they're getting these prices from.
It's an absolute joke.

Some of the dolls they're releasing are stunning, but the price, OUCH.
Not sure if it helps anyone, but my local sainsburys had a shelf sticker for Finnegan Wake last week. There wasn't any stock at the time, but there was shelf space for him so I'm guessing they were expecting it soon.

The Hull TRU put out a case of Finnegan's today!!! As much as I would rather have either of the other two win the poll he looks really cool in person. There was no price tag though so idk how much they're selling him for. Hopefully no more than Smyths.

I just got my Finnegan Wake from Smyths I sent my Dad in there on his way to work and he called me and told me he got him and they only had one left so that was lucky.

I heart fashion Iris and Finnegans at Hull TRU!

They were in boxes on the floor so no price labels but I'll update in a few minutes :)
Iris is £29.99, ouch!
Finnegan is £21.99 which is such a great price!


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