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yep, which is why it ends Monday.

Looks like Doe is out of stock for delivery now, but their ebay store still had stock last I checked.

I picked mine up yesterday and grabbed another set for someone in the US today (along with Allie who I wanted for myself hahah)

They had all the original ones plus all the cosmic beach ones for a fiver, man was I tempted.

TRU have Amanita now I just picked her up for £22, here's a tip you might want to check her head because some of them seem to be poorly rooted and have bald spots I found the best one I could, they also had Haunted new characters only no Getting Ghostly but I have a feeling we shall see them soon hopefully with Spectra included it seems they are slowly getting stuff in, they also had the Briar Throne Coming Playset for £50 ouch and the new Cinderella dolls for £30 ouch again they only had the godmother and lady Tremaine but I can see them flying off those shelves for that price haha not, I will wait for them to get cheaper hopefully they shall, also spotted the new Zelf's I was gonna get the cowgirl but I will get her next week when I have enough.

found the £5 Novis I got mine next week I shall get Thrifty's ones.

all the MH from T.K Maxx seems to have gone but for £6.99 I am not surprised that was a good price, shame I wanted to get Bonita for a custom oh well maybe they will get more or she will be cheap somewhere else there is huge hope, I can see that happening as FF is like everywhere and not selling well, I think it has something to do with the prices of them, they did have the Evil Queen doll from the classic collection I think that's what they are called for £9.99 if anyone is interested no Ursula sadly as she is the one I need funny they have been sitting there at TRU for a long time now I think £21.99 is a bit too much for them especially when the quality is not top notch, they still had some Lalaloopsies but I was clean out so next week if they are still there.

Is it just me, or does it seem like it's not worth buying dolls at the price they're first released at any more? I don't feel any urgency to pick up new releases these days, because most dolls seem to stick around for ages, and then become heavily reduced after a few months or so. :/

definintely. Unless you will be super upset if you miss out on it, I don't think it's worth buying immediately. My general rule is "will I be super upset if I can't find it at all?" and if that answer is "not really" then i wait.

I'm willing to pay about £16 per doll, but more than that and I really question the purchase.

That's a pretty good way to gauge whether or not to buy something. Lately I've even been too stingy to pick up the dolls I really, really want because the prices are so extortionate. 

I'm a completist so the only things I buy straight away are store exclusives, brand new characters and BOYS! Everything else I wait for reductions.

Inner Monster Fearfully Feely N Mad Love (the red/pink one), is going for £9.25 at tesco. if you haven't picked it up yet, this is an awesome discount . The other two are about £12.50 i think.

I was out hunting today and saw some bargains at B&M - Wonderghouls Clawdeen & Spectra, Freaky Fusion mixed girls, inner monster all for £13 ish, as well as both zomie shake 2 packs for £16 each. I didn't get any of these girls as they aren't on my list but a treasure trove for anyone else looking!

TRU also had a ton of Novi Stars for £5 each that weren't on the website

Checked inventory/order list at TRU at work and found the following:

We are monster high 5 pack 64.99

Boo York doll bundle 39.99

Fangin'  out @ the maul 5 pack 54.99

Scare and makeup 2 pack 22.99

Zombie doll pack 24.99 (note this isn't the zombie shake packs as they were listed separately)

Monster fitness 12.99

None in stock yet but all of this was exciting news to me! I mean TWO five packs?? Is one of them an old one maybe that I'm not realising? 

can you get the upc numbers or item numbers so we can start checking in a month or so?

The zombie pack must be that ghoulia/slo mo pack we saw briefly in eBay?!? We are monster high 5 pack I think that will either be the current Argos 5 pack or the original ghoul 6 pack maybe entered wrong?? Let's hope fangin out at the maul introduces a new backgrounder like gilda last year! Monster fitness we know about. Boo York bundle and scare and make up?? No idea?

ooo exciting! and 24:99 makes sense for how budgety that zombie date pack looked. Bletch, Slo Mo's shirt still ticks me off.

Sorry but no, a guy came to prom like that, he'd be booted out on his cheap ass.


no details for Scarisian vacation though?

Monster fitness is, as I feared, overpriced. Not as much as I expected it to be though. Still, with no damn shoes it should be like £5. -_-

I do hope the maul pack includes a new character yeah, backgrounders pleeeease!

Doll bundle.. hmmm.. can't be the 2 pack then, that'd be listed as comet crossed couple or something 2 pack. Maybe it's like those multipacks where they repackage the dolls in one gift set? 39:99 though, suggests it's gonna only be a 3 pack at most to me. I dunno, maybe a 4 pack with no accessories at all but seems a bit cheap for that.


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