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The original ghouls are in Hull St Stephens Tesco!
Not sure how much they were. There was a tag for £18 that was a vague 'monster high bew assortment' but I hope that wasnt the price! I thought they were closer to £12?

i've seen other online stores listing them at £19:99, I snorted. Yeaaah, let's pay more than the original ones for lesser quality why don't we?

When yu could go buy one of the originals for fairly cheap on ebay anyway.


TK Maxx probably still have the last rerelease with the better outfits for £12 anyway.

They are £18 in Tesco, I saw them in my local one a couple of weeks ago:P

Better off getting them from Argos, where they're down to £15.99 now. Or even better, wait until they're next in a Sale.

so Amazon Cancelled my order of Amanita for reasons I am not clear on obviously they didn't have her to send out but refunded so I will wait for her to be fully available, Smyths have her on the website not available until the 27th but it says until sometime in March whatever that means? that is confusing, but on a positive note that means I only have to pay regular retail price when I do find her.

I didn't know Original Ghouls were that much I didn't actually see a price I am still not sure whether to get just Cleo or wait for the 6 pack to be like £100 or more and it's online only so harder to find at least I think they normally are I might get Cleo now and hope Lagoona and Ghoulia become available separate someday I don't know I really want those two so I'm torn, but like for a budget small box with less stuff and different fabric outfits that price is sure crazy right? 


Do we even know for sure if the six-pack is being released in the UK though?

Unless you're an in-box collector, I'd consider getting the original Ghoulia and Lagoona off eBay. If you keep an eye out and you're patient, you can snag them for cheap. I got my W1 Lagoona (complete except for diary) for £10 Buy it Now, just because I happened to be browsing when she was listed:)

But I guess I'm biased, I'm not keen on these new rereleases. Cleo is about the best of the bunch IMHO, but if I wanted Clawdeen, Frankie or Ula I'd deffo go for the Original Favourites versions instead.

I'm not an inbox collector no, thanks I will see what I can do and you're right we might not get it here in the UK, I don't really care whether they are new or not as long as I get them and they are in decent condition, I already have Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen anyway so I would have doubled with them so I might just get Cleo and if it does come here I can think about it depending on the price, £10 is a good price for Lagoona.

I agree, I picked up ghoulia and Lagoona second hand, look for dolls that have been display only, they tend to be in good nick and the difference in the outfits between original and these re releases will be night and day. Be patient, there are still bargins out there, just need to be in the right place right time :)

In oldbury Argos they had some sweet screams for 11.99 thought this was really good as they were in Smyths for 29.99 lol
Asda direct has haunted Rochelle online but her postage comes up as £8.95 where all other monster high dolls are £2.95 no matter how many you buy wtf?

i questioned Asda on this postage price they didn't seem to understand the question instead they gave me some crap about click and collect which can't be done on rochelle anyway

TK Maxx had 13 wishes gigi and lagoona for £6:99. Bargain!

they also had pd operetta but wanted like £14 for her. Huh?

they didn't have much else. A fair few lalaloopsy little sisters and some lame Barbie playsets of pink terribleness for £25 (sod that)

It is a TINY TK maxx though.

the small asda actually had toys which surprised me. They had the new field trip dolls (£14 something?) but they were on a super high shelf and I wasn't too interested i'm afraid. But good to know new stock is appearing.

Looked like several Toralei's, one Clawdeen and two Gigi that I could see. So... many.. Toralei....

But yeah, tesco still has nothing. It's so lame. they're still trying to flog freaky fusion for full price and it's like.. seriously guys?

yeah my T. Maxx had most of the Picture Day dolls all £6.99 except Opretta who was £14 odd huh? they also had Bonita for £6.99 and 13 Wishes Gigi and Fright Camera Action Elissabat same price

Ooh, Bonita for £6.99 now I may have to check my TK maxx, I still quite fancy her and that's a good price :) 

Argos had original Jane Boo for £6.59, and creepateria for £6.99, none of new stock reduced....yet! 


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