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Had a mini heart attack/urge to tiddle myself... Went to big Asda in hopes of finding Haunted Rochelle, top please ask for assistance shelf had Amanita and Spring Unsprung Kitty!!! Best surprise find in yonks! Sainsbury's had all Haunted (Porter bang at the front) and finally Exchange but none at that lovely £14ish anymore - my friend's Asda in Edinburgh had Glass Slipper and Book End Playsets so hopefully they were just still on pallets here and out soon!

wow I will have to check Asda soon I might need to wait for Rochelle so I can get them all together I am not sure, I can't see anything online the website changed and I can't find the toys just a DVD dang it, how much were they?

they have it all under "george" now for some reason.

ahh online shopping, making it harder and harder these days it seems.

how much was Amanita btw? did they have any stickers?

Amanita £22.97 abe Kitty £24.97, our store didn't have the shelf labels if that's what you mean for the code? Edinburgh store does have shelf tabs though can't decifer them from my friends pics! They were on the high up 'please ask for assistance shelf' which I can reach in that store and last time I took so long trying to get someone to help that I didnt bother trying this time cue crazy doll lady routine with floor sponge mop from another aisle being used to hook down the 6th Kitty doll so I could pick the best one ^_^ hope there weren't people giggling at me on CCTV though at least I might have brightened up someone day if so :P
Got my amanita nightshade in asda living today. 22.97. Also had spring unsprung kitty Cheshire if ur into them
How much are is Spring Unsprung Kitty?
I think she was 24.97 but I hate them so I never pay to much attention.
Yikes. That's a lot! Especially considering they're making some massive budget cuts lately, skimping out on loads of accessories and painted details.
I'll wait until they come down in price a bit (a lot) hahah.
Neither Asda I checked today had any of them, not really a surprise as asda is pretty awful round here.
On such a weird roll! Proper gasped out loud today! Went to the nearby crappier Asda and found Haunted Rochelle, 6 of them like they'd just popped a box out, none of the other new ghouls like the bigger store had... Smyths had all the new standard Exchange, Haunted and Getting Ghostly but I already chased all those tails and got via Argos and Tesco Direct! Also Kitty and Duchess EAH, got Lala Girls Peanut Big Top that I'd been eyeing up ages for a fiver! Loads of new Lala stuff and another Care Bears re-release that I hadn't heard about... Zelf exclusive 3 pack too that I picked up a friend along with free CD thingy :)

ok... I opened Lorna from,uk.

Sad to report, it's international diaries. *headdesk*

Screw... you ... Mattel. eugh.

Hate the new boxes, HATE them. Hate this sudden surge of crappy international diary rubbish too. I find this "inferior market" attitude really offputting.

So in retaliation, I bought another British made doll today. Yep, I just bought my SIXTH Makie. <_< *whistles*

Gonna open Marisol now. I was gonna do a blog review but thatll have to wait, I don't fancy climbing under my desk and mucking about with cables and photo editing right now.

Yeah I hate the international diaries too. I got porter from Argos and it was international box. So I'm gonna get all the others from sainsburys where it's the american box. I like the artwork on new boxes but not the actual box. I cut out the illustrations but the small illustration on the front of the new boxes is glued to the plastic so it just rips :( I also don't like the new ever after high boxes much either. They are smaller so you can't see. Much background illustration behind the doll and the spines just don't match the previous ones at all. 

On another note, my asda had new dolls too. Haunted Rochelle! Getting ghostly, freaky field trip, student exchange and gloom and bloom. The Argos catalogue says *argos exclusive* next to gloom n bloom both lines. I guess this was a mistake and their exclusive is just Cleo and jinafire? No sign of ANY ever after high, let alone asda. Exclusive kitty. 

Wilkos also has the new dolls now.

Toys r us has the londoom 3 pack and amanita nightshade in their system but none ordered yet. No sign of garrot and Rochelle which has me slightly worried. 


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