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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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The guy in my local TRU said something about Argos having an early release deal

Nothing new MH wise to report but the Smyths website added Duchess/Kitty/Ginger and the Spring Unsprung dolls so I guess whichever staff member was told the store was discontinuing them was misinformed.

To add to this, went into Wilko's today and they had tags for Monster Exchange, Getting Ghostly and Freaky Fieldtrip. They were putting GG while I was there and ugh it's such a good line. Thank you for these pastel ghosts Mattel.

Woo! Wilkos getting the new lines is great. Does anyone know if they still have the creepateria line for cheap?

Also, does anyone know where I can get the big MH school Playset? The old one, not the new catacombs.
Stores don't seem to stock them anymore and people on ebay don't always want to post :(

There's none in the Hull one but other stores might have some left over. Does Smyths still have the playset?

I can never get to that Smyths because I don't drive D: I'm sure there are busses to that little shopping area but I've never looked into it!

I'll have a look on their site now though :3
My local sainsbury had 1 porter geiss in store today

Got lagoonafire for £13.33 and creepateria Cleo and draculaura (no howleen unfortunately) for just under £10 each from sainsburys. 

Finally! Inner monster £22 in Argos just went to local store. 3 in stock all 3 different!!!!!! This has never happend!
£12 even doh

Went to Smyths today and they had Gloom and Bloom which was a nice surprise! They're not on the website yet (unless they were added this morning). £20.99 which is a bit =//// but knowing Smyths they'll reduce the price in a couple weeks.

They had Kiyomi and Porter too, nice to see them in person. Also ended up buying the Freaky Field Trip Gigi from Argos.

totally off topic but yay for your avatar vigilist WACHA! (sorry not often I find someone else that likes KR)


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