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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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'Gotta be worth a punt, they don't take the money till they ship and you can cancel if you change your mind :)

purple_monkfish said:

btw, will allow you to preorder Slo mo, but they have no idea when/if he'll be in stock.

So yeah... .

Exactly honey. Meanwhile people are continuing to insist Slo Mo was recalled. *headdesk* Do these people understand how recalls work? How much they cost? You don't issue a recall on something as freaking minor as "oh noes, wrong hand sculpt".  Recalls happen due to safety concerns, and if there was a safety concern, there would be signs up in ALL retailers saying "if you have doll marked blah, return it immediately for a full refund" like you see in Mothercare's windows and sometimes Argos. Recalls aren't subtle quiet affairs, they're RECALLS. The hint is in the name, you have to send the stuff back to the manufacturer.

Just really fed up of that stupid speculation grounded in a total misunderstanding of how basic business works. They did not recall operetta, holt, draculaura or venus when they had errors (missing fangs, no tattoo, wrong makeup, wrong mask) and they wouldn't, not unless there was some sort of serious safety issue with the plastic or the sculpting or something. and if there was, we'd know about it, they'd have a notice on their own website.

I just.. argh.

Anyway, continuing my queries with mattel and retailers. Right now they're pretty much blaming each other. Mattel UK says it's "all in the hands of the retailer" and the retailer says "they didn't send us what we ordered!"

A good spot purple, I've ordered one let's wait and see, if he's got Clawd's hands who cares!

Got a reply from Mattel UK: We are not sending out Slo Mo in the assortment until April 2014 in the UK

Wow.. now that is spectacular. So.. they don't intend to make him available till THREE MONTHS after the initial line is released? Why would stores order in more cases of a line that old? Particularly one that's so liable to shelf sit.

This is just SO botched, i'd laugh if I didn't want to throttle someone.

So yeah... there you go guys. We ain't getting Slo Mo by the looks. Not unless the stores manage to convince Mattel to ship boxes of JUST him.

*slow clapping* Well done Mattel for yet again proving you're incompetent and couldn't care less about your fan base.

Like I said yesterday, the likes of amazon won't accept that, have their own staff sort out what's in each box and log it on their system- I don't think so. They want to order 100 cases of slo mo and know they can adjust stock levels in their computer up 600etc if they can do it for amazon (and I can't see them ignoring a giant retailer that size), why can't they do it for other shops- come on mattel how hard can it be to put 6 of the same dolls in a case! Unless like Purple says they just don't give a stuff.

Update from Mattel US: Later in spring (whatever that means) they'll be shipping Slo Mo only cases. Ooo I hope that's true. The representative said it was, but we'll see.

Hey guys, I found some cool stuff in ASDA today!

I found the Frights Camera Action budget like for £13.97, Deluxe line (No Viperine, THough) £19.97 and Operetta! FCA Operetta, She's absolutely gorgeous! She was £19.97 too. They also had the new Barbies-very tempting...

They also had Art Class, but I didn't see any prices.

Mattel can do cases for just one doll if they want to as I've seen them on the shelf at smyths. They had 3 cases of just Jane Boolittle and 2 cases of just Honey Swamp, and I know it was filled with only them because it was stamped in big black letters on the side of the box. The last box said 13 wishes assortment and was exactly that, a mixed box of 13 wishes dolls.

Jane does only ship in her own case though, she is just Jane... one case, 6 of her.

Interesting about Honey though.

I saw just jackson cases once in Hamleys. I'm not even kidding, every single doll on the shelf was Jackson. I wish i'd taken a photo because it was amazing.

Power Ghouls are £11.30 @ Argos, if anyone was waiting for a drop in price before picking one up.

Hi everyone!

Just realised I haven't posted on here for ages! I check and read most days though!

Firstly, thank you for the very kind words Rotten Cotton Candy! I feel so cool now! Far cooler than I really am!!!!


Sightings wise, I was in Tesco Danestone tonight after work (01:30am!) and saw on the top shelf a box saying Ghouls Alive. I took it down and opened it and was pleasantly surprised to see two each of Toralei, Deuce and Spectra inside! Grabbed a Toralei and Deuce yay! I was well pleased! Deuce' neck seemed normal, not weird looking like in the Argos catalogue. Both have some quite cool sounds and flashing eyes. Toralei makes a sultry type miaow and raises a claw. Deuce raises an arm to look like he lifts his glasses then makes a ray beam type sound! I was quite enthralled! £23 each though which hurt a little especially if they end up sitting around like the previous ones. But I'm never sure which ones will sell and which will sit so I took one of each when I had the chance.


Staff in Toysrus (Tuesday) were telling me that now that their stocktake has been done (last week), they're expecting fresh stock to start coming in pretty soon, so it's worth asking your local Tru for updates as to exactly what's coming in and when.


I did a customer view in Argos on Tuesday for the new Scaremester and Ghouls Alive but it was older items that they sent up. The assistant manager was a bit perturbed by this. She admitted that they roll over items with the same catalogue numbers but as the catalogue has been out for a couple of weeks now, she wasn't pleased that advertised items weren't actually in stock. I was quite pleased about her openness regarding that. I think she was as frustrated as I was and especially as it's a potential sale walking out the door.


Interesting to hear about Slo Mo being released in April. I wonder if he'll end up skipping the main stores and end up being released in the likes of TkMaxx and Home Bargains? I also collect Transformers and Thundercats and some of the waves that don't make it to main stores have ended up being seen in those stores. I picked up a couple of Thundercats figures before Christmas that weren't even known to be in the UK! But they must've been sitting in Bandai's warehouse gathering dust as the line was dead and retailers weren't ordering the final wave. All might not be lost as far as Slo Mo is concerned if it's a similar case. Wouldn't it be funny if he ended up clogging the discount stores shelves at £8.99?!


Good to know the new ghouls alive have hit, I went to my argos yesterday because they said they were getting them in and catalogue pictures are of deuce and toralei, only to find frankie and spectra :( I didn't intend to buy them but wanted to have a look - they have hit our shelves pretty much at the same time they have hit in the states. Sweet scream are still due into the warehouse on the 11th feb. My asda was very disappointing, boo hiss! Will have to look elsewhere tomorrow.


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