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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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That's a shame, thanks so much though! The hunt does indeed continue!

Okay guys thanks but really all I wanted to know was wether he was a trustworthy store not that I'm greedy/stupid/impatient....geez. You try living on a tiny island in North Wales narest town with stores that sell dolls 45 mins away by bus and nearest GOOD stores that actually stock anything 2 hours away by bus.


And I know most of ou will say 'we didn't mean it like that' but by god it comes across as like that.....from most of yous anywho. Others who just said their opinion and left it up to the buyer was fine....but wow calling those who buy from him stupid or impatient? Wow.

Vaugh> A better and cheaper option would probably be to reach out to other collectors who wouldn't charge the overheads of a business. What in particular are you after? Because the people here are often pretty cool about finding things for fellow collectors when they're on their own dolly search. It's not any more effort to pick up two of something when you're in tru rather than just one lol.

So do reach out man, let us know what you're after and i'm sure someone can help and save you money in the process.

My Argos had two Gigis!..?:) sorry, I haven't been on so im behind xD
I'll keep an eye out, I tend to go hunting on a whim so if I come across one I'll pick it up. Sometimes meetings send me near other TRU's so I can hunt!
Vaugh I'm really sorry but I was not saying your stupid as you were merely asking a question and I was speaking generally. I just wanted to give you my opinion and my experience. I also bid on his items but he was shill bidding alot so I don't trust him and his eBay shop is rip off so I would not buy from him . The eah dolls are coming to the uk and according to Mattel uk it will be September / October time . the last time he did preorders for twyla for retail 16.99 he took all the orders then when he got the stock in he sold them for £20+ and told people who had preordered for 16.99 they would have to wait .
Sorry further more his excuse that he buys them from the states which is why the prices are high well why can't he just leave the dolls in states instead of emptying amazon !

Saw the Cleo and Ghoulia classroom pack at TRU today. No Heath/Abbey, unsurprisingly :)

Sorry guys I was stressing out about something when I read your responses so I kinda just imploded then exploded onto the internet...ugh I hate it when I do that.


And thanks I'm glad to have support from fellow collectors.


I actually have a question....has anyone seen the zelfs being sold anywhere in the UK as of yet? I MUST have them when they show up! But they're that type of doll which'll probably be easier to get in places like Smyths or TRU Smyths is okay, just a two hour bus ride but my nearest TRU isn't even in my country haha! So yeah if anyone's seen them yet could you let me know? Thanks!

not sure, i havn't seen the zelfs. they're cute. if they're a non mattel product, the entertainer might get them, depends if they think they're "monsters" or not *eyeroll*

I know a lot of you collect other dolls besides strictly MH, but what about bootlegs? I saw these today which are kind of obvious what theyre inspired by.. They are large dolls atleast 18" and waaay off scale from MH and not the right sort of body so cant be considered the daughter of a Giant ;) but still might be of interest? Found at B&M for £7.99

My local TRU still has the same two Ghoulia and Cleo classroom packs, no heath/abbeys.

Clock is ticking for Bloodgood.. hope she shows sooner rather than later :)

Can anyone help Looking to buy draculaura dotd or trade .


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