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So if you live in the UK, new sighting or not, post up what you saw here!

UK Only!



So I have started my new discussion, Post Monster high Sightings Here (UK Only) 2. THIS DISCUSSION WILL STILL EXIST! Don't worry! But you can still post your sightings here if you want to.

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SS Ula d at Asda . 


Skull Shores, Fashion Packs And Sweet 1600 At Asda. Lagoona's Bed,Schools Out,Basic, Toralei & Classroom & Tesco and DOTD Exlusively at argos.

Skull Shores Draculaura and Ghoulia and Sweet 1600 Draculaura and Clawdeen and Spectra and Toralei fashion packs at Asda in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

clawd sweet 1600, frankie sweet 1600 @ TRU in manchester 22.99 a pop. 

Skull Shores Lagoona and Abbey in Wilkinsons and Toralei in The Toy Shop in Derby, Midlands

Argos has: all the skull shores, Draculaura's roadster, Cleo De Nile stationary set, Both Create-A-Monster packs, Create-A-Monster add on packs, Monster high Backpack and notebook, Nefera doll, Operetta doll, Toralei doll, Abbey doll, Spectra doll, Clawdeen School's Out doll, Cleo De Nile School's Out doll and Clawdeen and Howleen gift set. I'm going to use the initals for the prices : SS = £11.99, DR = £24.99, CDNSS = £9.99, BCAMP = £17.99, CAMAOP = £9.99, MHBAN = £14.99, ND =£16.99, OD = £16.99, AD = £16.99, SD = £16.99, CSOD = £16.99, CDNSOD = £16.99 and CAHGS = £29.99.

Thank you :)

do you get this from the catalogue or instore? as the store near me didn't have most of it in stock...what area do you live? 

Well, they have none in stock :( but they will do soon :) and I got the catalogue from in store so kinda both!

Also in Derby:

-Skull Shores Ghoulia & Abbey, Sweet 1600 Frankie & Clawd at Boots (Westfield branch); SS Lagoona & Sweet 1600 at Boots (Wyvern branch)

-Cupid, SS Draculaura & Ghoulia at Asda (Spondon store)

cheers for the info

Went looking today and found -

Skull Shores Abby

Skull Shores Lagoona

Skull Shores Draculaura

Skull Shores Ghoulia

Create a monster - vampire/sea monster

Insect girl add on pack

and.....C.A Cupid!


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