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I was doing my regular Walmart rounds and saw them putting in their new price strips, one said "MH Dance 3 Pack" - for around $39. I wasn't aware of any new dance or dance class dolls being released- anybody have any clue what this is?

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it said "dance" underneath it and it was for  DDG?

Monster madness said:

That will be the same 3 pack like before...Saw it at my Walmart today!

I'm with Triumvirate and Monster madness on this, I think it's still the same 3-pk.  It may have been on sale bc if it's anything like my Walmart, they can't get rid of them.  And now that they are re-setting the shelves, they're just moving them to a new location (maybe in hopes it will sell better).  As far as calling them "dance" dolls, they are... that line is based on that polka-dot fever dance party from the webisodes, and are like the wave 2 of dance/party dolls.  It's funny though what some stores call the different lines of MH dolls, like K-mart for example calls the Skull Shores "Island dolls" lol.

The case that the 3 pack dot dead come in says Monster High dance on the side of the case. I saw the employee emptying the case onto the shelf.

I saw the same shelf tag back in the fall (then immediately totally freaked out and went back to that Walmart first thing the next morning thinking I was the luckiest woman alive and it was going to be the DOTD 3-Pack) but it was the DDG 3-Pack. I also saw a Walmart employee unpacking a couple of cases with that same label . . . alas, DDG again. That being said I'm sure I will commence with Catrine-stalking soon, and will definitely keep an eye out. Thanks for sharing . . . you never know!

You really have to look for the product number or assortment number for the shelf sticker -- most major retailers include that info. Walmart's "MH Dance 3 Pack" sticker has X4482, so it's the Dot Dead Gorgeous™ 3-park. Walmart just used the name Mattel called that set first first. DDG is an odd collection -- the three pack was added to the catalog (X4482) before the assortment (X4528). It's usually the other way around.

The product number on the box matches the dance 3pk number tag. I checked it today, it's for DDG.

I was just at Walmart today and can confirm that this is the same ol' DDG 3-pack.

That being said, I do hope they come out with a Dance Class pack eventually.

I wouldn't get your hopes up for another "Dance" multipack from Walmart. Yes, for two years they have had the a dance theme -- but the dance theme has been at the 19.99 to 22.99 price. This years Dance theme is 12.99 more like Gloom Beach and Skull Shore. So that kind of puts everything up in the air for a 2013 Walmart multipack. 

I wouldn't think it would be Scaris because they have a Scaris exclusive anyway. I would think Scaris and 13 Wishes would not be included in gift packs because they are the major themes -- like 2012's Sweet 1600 and Ghouls Rule!. I don't think it would be Ghouls Alive! -- it is it's own monster, so that should be out. Might not be Picture Day because those are basically core dolls. So what Ghouls are left?

You have to wonder about Target -- the Skull Shore 5-pack replaced the Gloom Beach 5-pack even keeping the same DPCI number -- now the Dance Class assortment has the same DPCI number as the Skull Shore assortment. I wonder if that's telling us something -- like Skull Shore could be replaced by a Dance Class 5-pack? But if that was the case and Dance Class was a 5-pack then would it be the same 5 characters who have been included in the previous 5-pack?

Don't get me started speculating :)

I saw that too and said the same thing!!!

But but but.... what about Rochelle :'[

Justin said:

Would be nice if it were a new wave of DDG!

Singles - Clawdeen, Frankie
3 Pack - Robecca, Venus, Cleo

What was the DDG three pack on sale for at your Wal-Mart's?


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