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Hello, I am Stu Carter, the man who pays to keep this site running.

Mode Media, the company that owns Ning Network, which hosts this site, has abruptly gone out of business. This according to Wall Street Journal, so its no prank.

This site is still functioning, but it may only be days/weeks away from lights out! Apparently, Mode tried for months to find a buyer for their business, with no success.

Recently, they announced price hikes for hosting the site, and I was ok with that, since so many fans enjoy being here. I have also looked at alternatives, but it would be impossible to move all the content to a new site.

I have saved everyone's email, and when there is something else available, I will update you. I would like to hear your suggestions. Here is one of mine:

 - Redirect the domain name to a Facebook fan page for MHD.

 - Some other people liked

I do so appreciate all the work of the moderators over many years! And the devotion of you members.

BTW I will be in Hong Kong for another toy show next month, may have some HMD reports.


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Sadly there's so many facebook groups already, but you could try... alternately, there are free forum hosts. Picture hosting is a lot harder but it would allow younger users who aren't allowed facebook to continue to access news etc and chat.

Oh no! I really hope this site doesn't shut down, this is the only place I have real friends, and I can come to talk about dolls with people who share my interests, I really have enjoyed my time here and I don't want it to end, joining this site has really helped me and I always enjoyed using chat so I really don't want it to come an end but hoping you can find another alternative.

Facebook is not good for me I don't like it I deleted my account and can't go back there ever! it's not good, but I would be open to an alternative site, I have a twitter but don't use it often I think something else with chat would work.

If Facebook is the alternative, this site should die with the host.

Why not redirect to something like a Proboards forum? I personally find it easy to use. Once things are settled in, the search for a permanent place can start and in the meantime we can still chat and share stuff.

i think proboards would be the best alternative  

Thanks for your suggestions.

Mode Media put out a notice that another company took over operations of Ning (the web host for this), so we may be able to continue on this.. we will see!

You may have noticed the site was down for a few hours. Please be patient and try later if MHD is offline.

If it all does crash, once I figure out another place, I will send an email, and use the same domain name.

Seems you guys don't like Facebook, haha good! I won't go there then.


I agree with you Konzern I am also not a very social media person. This site and one other are the only sites I belong too and the other one I barely go too compare to this site.

I have meet good people on here as well in the sort time I've been a member. And it's been so pleasant to just jump on and read endless comments and share my thoughts, information and ideas with others.

I love the format on this website. I browsed thru others before signing up here and the way you navigate on here is wonderful.

I do agree facebook is not the way to go but I also don't like proboards. I find them a bit confusing to navigate, but if I have to choose it would be proboards.

Well I don't know what will happen but I would like to say thanks to Stu and the moderators for this site. I do hope we all move together or stay together.

How about a sponcer? how much would it take?


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