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I know stu did a toy fair report on these but anyone missed it here they are. let me know if your planning to add her to your collection or not.

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True they are dog girls with pet dogs it is a little strange. cat walk kitties and mystixx cats did the same thing they were cat girls with pet cats.

Enslaving a weaker member of your species is nothing new in the doll world its been done before. That might be why it doesn't bother me. I plan on getting pinkie cooper dolls.

Monster High Collector said:

I think they are horrid!!  The only way I'd probably own one, is if I WON one or someone gave one to me, other than that I'd probably pass.  Also anyone else think it's weird that she's a dog with a dog for a pet?!?!?  Talk about enslaving the weaker members of your species.  MWAHAHAHA!!

I plan on getting one of each girl . they combine my two favorite things dolls and dogs.



I wasn't going to buy any but then I saw their commercial today and they look really cute!  I love that there hair/"ears" are interchangeable, and their puppies ears too. 

How are these creepy...?we all collect these super skinny,arched back,dead(most of them) girls.
I don't see how a humanoid dog is creepy....

They only way they could make these freakier would be to give them human pets! Then they would make the ultimate creepy doll line!

I found all the Pinkie Cooper dolls at Target in Minnesota.  I have Pinkie, Ginger and Pepper and they are so adorable in person.  I was so happy to get Pinkie because I have always been sad I couldn't find a Peteena Poodle (vintage Hasbro poodle headed doll) for my collection.

The Pinkie dolls are very sweet.  They are a little frilly, but great little dolls.


Thisyearsghoul said:

They only way they could make these freakier would be to give them human pets! Then they would make the ultimate creepy doll line!

They've been out at my target for a few weeks now, the're actually REALLY friggin cute in person.

I have become addicted to these i bought all six dolls plus the extra pet sets. I am waiting for more XD.

Hmm, perhaps, they're kinda cute, but they also scare me just a little.  But the hair looks so soft.  I'll buy one if I see one.

If they go on sale super cheap, then I might buy some, but I don't really love them so I wouldn't pay full price. They are okay. I guess they are a sort of neat idea.

I just saw these in person at ToysRus the other day.  They are even cuter in person!  The details in the paint and their dainty little hand/paws.  It was love at first sight.  I hope the line succeeds so that we can see them in different outfits and maybe even different types of dogs and other animals.  I hope they made enough to meet the Christmas demand coming up!


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