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I know stu did a toy fair report on these but anyone missed it here they are. let me know if your planning to add her to your collection or not.

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She's bizarre and I collect bizarre toys, so yeah, if they aren't too overpriced one will have to join my collection of "WTH?" dolls lol.

Nope, not interested. Perhaps these will appeal to those who like Littlest Pet Shop and/or Blythe dolls?

Side note: their hair looks really soft in these pics.

I collect genre and exploitation films, and these freak me out!

Looks amazing!!Are these available now?? could not find at Amazon.

Amazon has listing but right now they are out of stock since they don't come out until next month.

Actually i think they are really cute and look well made.  I will probably get one, they don't look different enough to go for the whole set.  

my daughter wants one of each character soi will try and find them I think the are really cute I love all the enw oll lines coming out

Nope, these are way too creepy for me. I like the idea but they all look like the foofoo yappy dogs, now give me one that looks like a german shepard with punk hair and Im all over it lol.

I love their faces! I wonder what other clothes they can wear? If I knew I could change it into some clothes I like I might consider picking one of these up.

They look like they wear the same size clothes as ever after high and bratzillaz.

Those would be adorable...if I was the same age as my 2y/o neice. I'm with Abbinormal, a punk style german shepherd would be cool.

What are these ungodly things?

Talk about horrifying.


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