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I've turned on photo upload function. LadyNisa remains photo moderator, so any problems with why your photo didn't make it, please direct them to her.

I do apologize for taking so long to turn this back on. Please be understanding and DO Not try to upload unauthorized pics.

- If its not your photo, you should not be uploading it. Photos that have been released to the public, that have no copyright, are ok.

- Its Very Bad to upload someone elses art you found.

- It needs to be about Monster High. A few pics of your self, or your dog, etc, are ok.

- Put a TITLE on your pic. "DI0093" is not a title!

- Cool people tag their photos

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im sick of cyber bullying and bullying and abuse can people be nice

im sick of it people i just want to be nice not mean and krool please i've been hurt enogh

I thought this had been turned back on :-( There hasn't been any approvals in a VERY long time... again.

I still need approval on some photos...


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