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NEWS: I mentioned this listing to Mattel and it sounds like they might be looking at it to see what complaints people are having! So post your complaints and hopefully we can get the problems fixed!


I got my Gloom Beach dolls plus Original Draculaura lately and I've been upset with the quality of the dolls. They have flaps of skin (plastic) on their legs and hands (GB) and the paint used on Count Fabulous (Original) is noticeably cheap compared to before. I got some before and they never had these problems.


A person from Mattel said that unless the company gets at least 3,000 complaints they won't fix the problem. I've also heard that often with toy makers (ex. China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.) the first two waves are extremely good quality to get people hooked and get the contract from the company. After that they find shortcuts to make the toys cheaper. So please call and complain about these problems:


~Cheap plastic for body (especially the flaps of plastic)

~Paint Quality



I know 3,000 seems like a lot, but if each of us calls Mattel and complains and ask a friend as well to do so, we'll easily reach that number. So spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. It just takes a few minutes and we'd have a chance of better quality MH dolls in the future.




P.S. Deuce, I understand you have connections with Mattel. Would you please talk to them about it? I really do love the dolls, but I like quality and I'm sure others do to.

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Signed! I really miss the quality my old Barbie dolls used to have. I hope Mattel realizes it soon.

Anyway MH dolls are sold out real fast, they're really popular and people pay a lot for them, I don't know how a few of us can make a difference unfortunately :(


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