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As we can all tell from the latest Welcome to Monster High clips,Mattel has decided to re-do Monster Highs folklore and start from scratch. In the three new clips we have been shown we get very little pieces of information but them to be pivotal points to the story:
Clip #1- the first teaser in which Draculaura talks about finding monsters for Monster High and saying something among the lines of being friendly and not scary.
Clip #2- Moanica is found and seems very cautious on why the main 5 want to meet her and seems to have trust issues. In this short clip she mentions a "zomboy army" to "take over the rest of the normie world" which means monsters are back in hiding.
Clip #3- In this clip Frankie,Draculaura and Dracula are talking about who Frankie is and how she went into hiding after "the big scare"
Clip #4- This clip is basically just a mini music video with Draculaura,Feankie,Draculaura,Dracula,Ms.Wolf and her pack of boys all building the school. And

So,with the information that we have on it I have a strong feeling that WTMH will be picking up from some time after the events from Lisi Harrison's Monster High books or at least will take inspiration from the event at the end of the book and work on from there. The rest will be about Monster High starting out and the girls go out to recruit monsters for their student body. BUT since monsters had been forced back into hiding some could be resentful. This leads us to Moanicas character. She seems so angry that she's creating an army of zombies to attack the normies. Then towards the end once the girls have all their monster friends recruited Moanica will pull some sort of stunt and try attacking the normies.

Now,what's a theory without some evidence right?
Exhibit A- Frnakies doll doesn't state how old she is anymore,the "big scare" could have happened when she was just created. So some time would have happened and if they are making this canon then Frankie has lost count.
Exhibit B- Moanicas dolls have a very sneaky/sketchy/mischievous looking smirk(it still slays me every time though!) and judging from her little villain monologue,she has a plan to over throw the normies(maybe this is how The Walking Dead happens!lol!) and seems to be slowly succeeding since she now has her graveyard and a small "zomboy" army.
Exhibit C- if the new canon is taking inspiration from Lisi Harrison's Monster High books then Moanica must be angry about the event which is why she is having her uprising.

In my opinion I would so be for this. If this is the story they could be going with then it would have a very WDGFIL feel and imo it wouldn't be that bad compared to the bad storyline the last 3 movies(BYBY,Haunted and GSR) had.
The ghouls go some place,have a transformation and then a big dance party at the end. You can only see the same movie so many times. This storyline seems a tad bit dark but in all honesty they murdered a well known fashion designer,destroyed the aspects of time,and saved their friend from having his head brutally yanked off in front of a whole town and found found a girl who was basically murdered for some time for skating with boys,so with that said if they are just brightening the dolls after all and making them look bubblier then I guess the stories can stay as morbid as they've been. What do you guys think? Do you like what you hear? Is there anything you can add or question? Will you be watching the movie?

Also please keep in mind that we are not talking about the dolls rebooted look but the storyline that Monster High could be following.

I also wanna say that if we can judge from the MH minis what MH doll lines are coming up then I'd so be here for Space Monsters! Give me astronaut Catty,a Deuce,Abbey,Twyla and Venus with one or 2 aliens! I'd love for it to be a MH movie too! Think about it like this:
Some of our characters go to space looking for more monsters and along the way they crash into a planet filled with some alien race and they make friends and bring some alien friends back to MH. This OR they travel all the way through space that they fall into EAH.

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Honestly it is refreshing to have movie where they don't travel anywhere or transform into anything, the parties didn't much bother me and I think they will continue that in this one judging by the dolls, they all have party outfits with masks and everything, but everything else you said could be true I wouldn't mind the stories being more dark and different in that sense.


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