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I twirl through the driveway with angelic grace
Till I slip on the sidewalk and fall on my face
This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet

So this is an RP with our OCs in Winter time. Cool (literally). There's snow and everything and it's all cool. Must I explain more?

Rules (because the RP section was not the RP section that I used to know).

• Grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, etc, etc. Please. 

• No Mary Sue or purple prose. Example: "Mary Sue's sparkling emerald eyes resembled the crashing waves of the sea dissolving into the sand. She twirled around, her lush, mocha hair catching the eye of every male in a ten metre radius around her, even the ones with a girlfriend or boyfriend." UGH. THAT WAS HORRIBLE TO WRITE AND EVEN MORE HORRIBLE TO READ.

• Basic RP rules. No godmodding, no bunnying without others permission, no avoiding every hit. Show your character's weaknesses as well as their strengths.

• Break the fourth wall as little as possible, as tempting it may be.

I'll RP Idris and Alexis.

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Rayne stared after him in awe. She hopped up in the tree after he did and sat across from him.

"14 stories, huh? That's pretty impressive." She mewed.

"Y-you've got a little snow..." Rayne said, pointing to her own head, guesturing that Jak had a snowflake in his hair.

"Hm?" Jak mumbled, shaking his head in attempt to get it out. "Oh. Meh." He said, finally shrugging and pulling his (now snow free) had back on.

Then he continued, "Climbing and jumping runs in the family. But there is a severe lack of tall buildings here." He rolled his eyes. "Terribly inconvenient."

"Being half werecat, I myself, prefer to climb trees." Rayne said casually.

She swung herself between a branch, using her tail as a balancer. Her knee high converse laces swung around. 

"I do enjoy climbing. Have you ever tried climbing on big rocks?" Rayne mewed, sitting in a pose.

(( A Pose like this:

A large white wold stalked through the wooded area of the park.  Almost indidtinguishable from the snow itself save for the orange red eyes that watched for any other signs of life.  No one could see Nosferina doing what she was about to.  
Yes, this place would do, quiet, secluded, no one around.  The wolf grinned a feral but genuine grin, all her impressive teeth exposed, it was only centuries of experience and self control that kept her tail from wagging as she dove head first into a pile of snow, writhing about on her back like a snake, letting out the kind of strange growling whine dogs make when they're praticularly happy.  

Nosferina wasn't sure how long she kept this up.  It was admittedly an absurd way for her to be acting, but eventually she rolled to her feet standing and shaking stray flakes off.  Before her bones twisted, broke and shrunk returning her to human form.  

She loved the snow, the way the small flakes congealed into a blanket of silence and peace.  The way the cold kept most bundled away in their houses.  The cold hadn't bothered Nosferina in a very long time.  She observed with mild amusement how the snowflakes didn't melt when the landed on her ashen skin.  They wouldn't melt on a corpse would they?  she should eat something soon.  There were still guniea pigs in the basement.  They'd do for a snack.  

She pondered as she walked, heedless of the sharp chill in the air, or how improperly she was dressed for it, until she reached the park, and was pulled violently from her peaceful thoughts by a glob of wet snow colliding with her Aquline nose.  Nosferina let out a low growl, sharp eyes scanning the park for a perpetrator.  Sharp fists clenching as all her muscles tensed, ready to sprint and tackle the idiot.

((Hey, hope it's not to late for me to jump in on this.  Nos wants in on a snowball fight.))


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