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I twirl through the driveway with angelic grace
Till I slip on the sidewalk and fall on my face
This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet

So this is an RP with our OCs in Winter time. Cool (literally). There's snow and everything and it's all cool. Must I explain more?

Rules (because the RP section was not the RP section that I used to know).

• Grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, etc, etc. Please. 

• No Mary Sue or purple prose. Example: "Mary Sue's sparkling emerald eyes resembled the crashing waves of the sea dissolving into the sand. She twirled around, her lush, mocha hair catching the eye of every male in a ten metre radius around her, even the ones with a girlfriend or boyfriend." UGH. THAT WAS HORRIBLE TO WRITE AND EVEN MORE HORRIBLE TO READ.

• Basic RP rules. No godmodding, no bunnying without others permission, no avoiding every hit. Show your character's weaknesses as well as their strengths.

• Break the fourth wall as little as possible, as tempting it may be.

I'll RP Idris and Alexis.

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(Methinks I'll be joining this RP. It's been so long since I've done one. I'll be Jenny and my new Kitsune girl (picture coming soon) Maho, personality to be RP-ed, I've got a good idea of it.)

((Sure! Let's wait for a few more people before we start.))

((Hello I would like to join as Willow and eat cake with you Zena. Can I?))

((Yes, definitely Maddy. STARTING NOW YEY.))

The snow had fallen thick, and the cold air was like an annoying dog that could somehow nip your ears. Alexis wrapped her long, multi-coloured scarf around her neck a couple of times, before casually strolling out to the park, which was probably the best place to build snowmen, or start a snowball fights, especially the ones where you build forts and hideouts and have two sides and turn it into Park War 3. 

She grinned when she recalled the last snowball fight she had with her friends there, which turned into an epic that could span a trilogy of books. "Now that was awesome," she said to no one in particular.


Idris was not a Winter person, but did her best to enjoy the season nonetheless. She had pulled on her gloves and beanie, and was currently making her way to Starbucks to get a coffee or something. Coffee was addicting, and warm, and her mother got her addicted to the caffeine drink. And who was Idris if she didn't listen to the High Sidhe (*snort*) Queen Mab? She laughed to herself. Even though her mother's actual personality was different from Mab's personality in the Dresden Files, Idris, despite disliking wrong facts, still liked the series. But still, the name for her fay species was Sidhe?

She entered Starbucks, got her name down, and waited for her coffee. 

Jenny pulled on her red beanie over her messily pony-tailed hair while walking up the snow covered pavement. The fold of it could be pulled down in a burglar fashion, perfect for sneak attacks and protecting a face from snow balls. 

Winter was possibly Jenny's favourite season. Back home snow was nonexistent. The first time it snowed at Monster High when Jenny was around had turned into a massive snowball fight, evolving almost a quarter of the student body. Jenny wasn't exactly a master in snowballing, but she knew a few tricks and was always up for a good, harmless projectile fight, whether it was Nerf guns or water balloons and everything in between.

She decided to head to the park where victims would be numerous and snow was easily accessible in large amounts.


Maho was taking a leisurely stroll in the trees of the local park, trying to avoid the places where the snow was deep. The air was exceptionally chilly, even though she had dressed warm. She was wearing a thick orange sweater that folded over at the neck, a wooly fox beanie and white heeled boots with peach laces. Her hands were covered by a furry, white hand muff that reached her elbows.

She had brought along her ice skates hoping she could find a rink. Ice skating was one of her favourite sports and had done competitions when she was younger.

Maho was happy when she spotted one at the far end of the park. There were about half a dozen people skating about on it. A small cart selling drinks was right by it. She went up, laced on her skates and paid to get in. She started to skate about.

(can I join? )

Willow had spent most of the day alone in the garage, still tinkering with the CARDIS prototype (WINK WINK ZENA). She was thinking of going out and ice skating or go out for a nice hot cocoa, possibly. She hasn't seen Al in a while, so maybe she could join her fellow Back to The Future fangirl for snow angels and snowball fights.

((Zena, maybe I should throw in Vienna too, I need to develop her more.))

((Oh, sounds fun. Shall I join in? Perhaps as Kara?))

((Hi Aret! Do join, I love your RP style and everything. And Maddy, please throw in Vienna, I even gave you an opening. We need some Vienna/Idris OTP RP. Should I throw in Clemens, as well?))

Al scooped up some snow, squishing it into a ball, and flung it at a random passerby, who happened to be Jenny. The snowball missed Jenny's face, though, but hit her beanie. Close enough, Al supposed. "Hey Jenny!" she shouted at the goblin, knowing how brilliant Jenny was at projectiles. "When the actual snowball fight breaks out, y'know, the ones where you have three teams and they all build a huge fort and attempt to use snowballs to destroy the other's fort?", Al asked. "Yeah, that one. Care to be on my team?" And I also got that bet with Danny, she remembered. And I need someone with a good snowball aim to win it. 


Chroma didn't exactly like participating in snowball fights, but she did love watching them. She made her way to the park, sporting a prismatic beanie, and sat down on a park bench next to another girl who wore a black hoodie. Chroma glanced at the girl, and quickly recognised the godling. "Hi Messa," she said with a nod. "How are you today?"

The young teenage scanned the snow-covered grass, where minor snowball fights were being held, and some people started building little snowball forts and started another snowball war game. She grinned, anxious for the action to start.


Idris got her coffee, and wondered where to go next. Best to avoid the park, she mused, snowball fights were's exactly Idris' cup of tea, or coffee, really. The faery took out her phone, and dialed a number. "Vienna, are you here?"

Chroma snickered at Messa's comment. "Me too," she nodded, scanning the park again. "Are you going to join in? I'm not, I just like watching the snowballs get flinged to their doom." She said the last sentence quite obnoxiously, for dramatic effect. "Maybe I should go and get some cotton candy or popcorn to watch the fights." The fights were just as interesting as gladiator fights were back in Ancient Rome (which Chroma regarded as violent now, but anyway).

((Wonderful! I'll throw in Jak too, because I want to see what he ends up being like. Oh, and lot's of Norse mythology references with Kara, bwahaha.))

Kara tugged her headband further around her ears. Though the cold barely bothered her, she definitely wasn't quite as used to it as she naturally was. In fact, she'd been so far from home for so long that this Midgardian winter caught her off guard, though it's temperature was barely a shiver compared to the winters in Asgard. Spotting the chaos farther up the path, she stooped down to grab a handful of snow. She had just began to press it into a hard packed ball when a cold, wet projectile hit her square in the side of the head, causing her to drop it.

She spun, eyes scanning the area around her. Nothing but an evergreen and some foliage. And then she got hit again on the back of the head, the snow falling down the back of her top. And, just as before, she turned only to catch the glimpse of a boot disappearing into the pine.

((Yes throw Clemens in too,))
Vienna picked up her phone as she walked along the newly paved sidewalks. "Hm?" She asked, then realizing who it was. "Oh, Idris, hi." She put her other hand into her pocket, as it was a) freezing, and b) she had a tendency to keep her hands in pockets.
Willow finally made it out of the garage and onto the street on her own. She decided to go to the park or Starbucks, something like that. She was a bit indecisive at this time of year, but no matter. She walked casually along, stepping in the occasional snow or jumping in it like a six-year-old.


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