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What jobs can you picture the MH students having? I can see Wydowna being the PERFECT employee of the Coffin Bean since she has 6 arms, and can multitask. II mean can't you picture her serving an order while completing an order at the register AND making a cup all at the same time? I also picture Abbey working in an "ice scream" shop and Ghoulia helping out in a library.

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Draculaura could work at a salad bar since she is a Vegan and likes salads it would be perfect for her.

Spectra can work at a newspaper or a magazine doing a gossip column since she is the ghostly gossip.

Operetta and Holt can work at a music store that would be perfect for them.

Venus could get a gardening job where she does other monsters gardens.

Skelita and Catrine could work at an art museum as they are both into art.



I can totally see Clawdeen working at a clothing boutique.

Sounds strange but I can see Abbey working at like a carnival or amusement park selling snow cones or working at that milk bottle game and egging people on. "Come on! My yak can toss ball better than that!"

I think Operetta would be great at giving music lessons.


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