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 What have you seen that is unusual, trolled, or just plain fake? Post your sightings here! :D

EDIT: I moved it to MH sightings. I kept forgetting to do that! C:

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She looks like she had a bloody nose....

My sister got a few nuggets last night (what she calls the minis) and while we got dupes (and triples) of some of the few we already had, this Ari... poor Ari... 

Aw bless. I should be mad but even an Ari with a messed-up face is adorable as heck.

It's kind of sad though - even with looking through the diamond shaped window or checking the codes, there's no way of telling if their face is messed up...

Is there a code on the bags/coffins? I've looked and looked and couldn't come up with a way to tell them apart.

She is really cute, even if her eye is kind of special.  We have three, but only one isn't messed up.  This one, and another one has a smudge.

Skeekers, there apparently are codes, I didn't know where to look until I pulled up a video a few minutes ago.  It's imprinted on the bottom, kind of etched in over the barcode.

On the coffins or the blind bags? I was checking a bag and for the life of me couldn't find anything. I didn't check on the coffins though

The blind bags themselves.

I don't have the photo but awhile back I was looking for EAH Justine & Farrah and I found Farrah with a Justine label in the front xD Still bought her of course

this is hilarious

Best one so far. No idea how this could have happened, but still, gave me a chuckle.



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