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 What have you seen that is unusual, trolled, or just plain fake? Post your sightings here! :D

EDIT: I moved it to MH sightings. I kept forgetting to do that! C:

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My Draculaura arrived with no heart on her face!

My Scaris Rochelle's shoulder doesn't move. It is almost like someone glued it in place...
Zombee said:

I got 2 Catrines and only 1 has this - her right hand only, instead of moving up and down it moves side to side - just her right hand and just on one of the dolls

Also i have original robecca pet that has the backpack being copper and not black

My NEW swim Clawdeen has clawless hands :(  She's a wolf , she needs claws

Oh really? I wonder if this just happened to your individual doll as an error, or if this is perhaps the same issue as Slomo had and that the entire first batch of Swim Clawdeen has this. If that's the case, then it will get fixed over time and you could replace her?

I haven't come across anything really, except for the fangless Swim Draculaura but that was a known error and actually for me the main attraction in getting her.

And when I got Scaris Catrine, one of her hips wouldn't move and I also thought it was glued in place, untill I started to wiggle it and it came loose and was fine after all.

Lover of MH said:

My NEW swim Clawdeen has clawless hands :(  She's a wolf , she needs claws

I remember seeing an art class skelita in a draculaura box somewhere around here awhile ago.

My swim clawdeen has non clawed hands too so i'm thinking they all have that like swim Holt missing his back tattoo.

It seems all Swim Class Clawdeens have normal hands.

On the bizarre end of the spectrum, myself and several people apparently got a run of Ghoul Chat dolls where Catrine's torso is missing the hole for her tail!

I had a cam sea monster who came with two left hands. I wasn't impressed.

And I got a Scaris Jinafire who was missing her hair decoration thingie. Oddly she came with the actual bar and dangly bits, just not the piece that attached the whole thing to her head. What? bizarre.

It's not just mh though, I once saw a Bratz with two right legs ahahahaha. Like.. how do you even do that? the mould surely is pretty specific with the piece for the hip socket yet somehow... two right legs. SO baffling.

I've seen the first issue of the schools out dolls always have their boxes mixed up at kohl's, and also my forbitten love Draculaura has two left legs. It sucks because she's so cute! >:c 

Our ghoul chat catrine came with NO HOLE FOR HER TAIL. Bummer!! AND the date stamp on her body is 2008!


mattel could of replaced her for you or given you a voucher 

I'm really curious to know now if my Catrine has a hole or not. I have them on Layaway right now.....


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