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I saw this on facebook Monster High Dolls - Original Basic Cleo Deuce Rereleased?  The picture on facebook shows Scaris, etc. with about 10 boxes of Cleo/Deuce in the lower left corner of the photo.  In Henderson, TN Wal-Mart.!/photo.php?fbid=334658119993541&set=...


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i saw this too but i don't know what to think, maybe they found an old case or two in the back, those are first wave boxes and it seems that they have done away with the boxes with the top window and the right side "envelope" flap design so if it is re-released i would assume they would have updated the box style like they did with the first wave dolls, they changed there box style. i sure hope they re-released!! but i am thinking that they were just old stock that was lost, found and then placed out.

I would say it's old stock. I can't imagine the gift set coming back out without the packaging being updated -- especially since they update the packaging for Draculaura and the re-release School's Out dolls last year. Besides the original dolls are coming out as "Original Favorites," so even if they produced under the old product number, they have at least updated the packaging.

Old or new that's store is well stocked I've never seen any Walmart in my area stocked like that.

I know! There are about 6  Wal-Marts in my area, including 2 "Super Walmarts," and every single one of them is lucky to have 2-3 narrow (like maybe wide enough for three dolls) shelves of Monster High, usually half empty and wrecked. The fact that those are, for the most part, so neat and lined up shocks me, as well as the incredible variety and amount of stock. Who else has a Wal-mart like this? I am positively jealous. I kept thinking this was a faked photo just for that reason!

Onlyalisa said:

Old or new that's store is well stocked I've never seen any Walmart in my area stocked like that.

May just be a smart freakin walmart, push roxie and bratz to the curb, but the only thing that comes close is Meijer as far as being loaded.

Yah - the boxes are the originals.  Rats.  I was hoping since they were doing the Original Favorites that Cleo/Deuce were next along with Lagoona and Ghoulia.

I've been to six Walmarts in Vegas and I've never seen any of them that stocked.  They usually have a really narrow selection of dolls.  The only one I've seen with a lot of stock had the dolls in four different areas of the toy section: one on the actual doll aisle, two end caps, and some on the farthest aisle of the toy section.  Never had the good fortune of finding old stock either.

Oh what I would give to walk in to a Walmart stocked like this!! I would be so happy, and this Walmart would have easily gotten half if not all of my paycheck! I have never seen ANY store stocked this well, weather it is Walmart, Target or even Toys R Us. So great find and I hope to get this lucky one day, as I am never lucky enough to find old stock. 


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