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I have made this doll and I need opinions.  A friend suggested that I add a tat to her upper back on on her inner arm and a piercing or two to her face (nose ring/stud and/or a lip piercing).  What do you think about that?  Would this addition make her more interesting or would it detract from her look?  Opinions?

The Sweet 1800 Draculaura is the one she was talking about:

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A nose stud would be cool :)

I like the idea of small tattoos on her because she just turned 18 so nothing to large. It seems more realistic in my opinion  :)

She's very pretty the way she is right now too!

I think the problem is in her costume. Add some little gloves or armlets. The doll is beautiful but her clothes are plain IMO.

Piercings and tattoos would be cool, but keep them small.

I have a dress almost identical to the one she is wearing.

Are you saying my choice of clothing is boring??!! ;)


Thats me in the middle... the dress looks much better on Draculaura. LOL!

greatbigcrunch said:

I think the problem is in her costume. Add some little gloves or armlets. The doll is beautiful but her clothes are plain IMO.

Ok... joking aside...


She could use some more accessories. I picked up some pvc jump rings that are perfect bracelets for the girls (think rubber bracelets from the 80s). I got them at JoAnn's in the jewelry making section and they came in that same pink, and black of course (along with a couple other colors).


Maybe also some hot pink in her hair? Flowers maybe?


As far as tattoos... since this is a rockabilly looking Draculaura maybe skeleton sparrows on her shoulder blades? You always see those vintage sparrows with hearts in their mouths... could be cute. :)

I'd say leave her face the way it is. It's sweet but mature.

Add a glove to her hand or a netting on her upper/lower arm. Or a small tattoo? Or, if you like to do piercings, you should maybe to a small one on her lip? I dunno.

I don't think a tattoo or a piercing is needed. It'll derail from her face. A small tattoo maybe put a crescent moon a tiny one on her shoulder but that's it. More accessories too maybe give her new earrings?

Hey, dat's what I did with one of my OCs. XD The crescent moon. ^^

For some reason I'm getting a strong vibe that this girl needs pearls. Pearl earrings and necklace, maybe bracelet.

I'm not too crazy about the facial piercings idea, but I could see her with a tattoo that has big bold lines and colours.

I also think she'd look precious with a pink shawl/shrug/wrap/whatever they're calling them these days.

As for hair (if you're wanting ideas for that), I think a rockabilly style would look precious:


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