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hey guys! I got my operetta doll and just wondering, how can I remove operetta's curls, I mean her hair curl, would it look okay if it was washed and just air dried? or would it take a professional to do something with her hair, cause the dust are really getting in to those curly hair and I'm having a hard time cleaning em'...♥

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When I was a child, I washed one of my Barbies hair with my child shampoo and the curls she had just get messy -.- 

Here I found a "how-to" guide for Barbies hair, wich I think may work for all dolls. It's a Spanish guide, I can translate it if someone wants ^-^

In short, there says to carefully brush the doll, apply hair conditioner (without water!) with a comb, then add water, then shampoo, water again and dry with a soft towel.

I guess this should work well with Monster High dolls, but I think I try with my old Bratz before giving Operetta a wash :P  

Thanks for the pictures!

Just letting everyone know, that Operetta's hair is really hard to work with compared to the other dolls. I've only washed it once, and its not even straight. It looks "o.k." but I do not want to change the hair again. 

Sika said:

Here you are!

Sorry she's nekkid lol But this is the turn out of her hair after combing and spraying :)

Reno Kun said:

I would love to see a picture! I'm planning on modding my operetta but all I have so far is...
washing her hair out and making it straight with boiling water...

Sika said:

I actually just brushed my operetta's hair out with a fine tooth comb, the small teeth help brush out the glue. It didn't make her hair straight but it got rid of the rolls. With a bit of combing and hair spraying I got her hair into nice waves and side bangs. I wish I had a photo handy to show you, i can post one later if you'd like to see the end result :)

How water should be fine. If you are really cautious, just make sure the water does not directly hit the face. When water hit my Operetta's face, I just patted it with a towel. However, if you are using the boiling water method then you need to be careful with the face. 

Bee Scarabuena said:

oh wow....I would love to try the hot tap water....wouldn't the hot water ruin the dolls hair? I'm super excited to try em all... thanks so much for all your help....

thanks for the advice witchy...Im so excited to see the final result...


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