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Okay so I was at my local Kmart and I ran to the toys. They had 2 Operettas 1 Nefera 1 Toralei  1 Schools Out Cleo all Skull Shores except Ula D and Frankie , they also had every sweet 1600 except Clawd. My dad pointed to Skull Shores Abbey but i did not want her . My dad and I went to look for some shoes for him and then he headed to the checkout. I asked him if we could go to toys and he agreed but he acted like the biggest staller ever we looked at all their movies all their vedio games all their cds and all their books . We finally got to toys and he said I could get 1 i picked Operetta but mine did not come with a ring . I not disappointed though hope this helps. I try to be very nice and Operetta makes 40 dolls. I am not a collector I play with my dolls I am 10 .

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i ment video


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