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DJ and Chelsea's wedding
I will be
And whoever else I decide will end up being there...
I will start when you do nyan

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((Yep I saw it, we should start out at Miranda's house, they could be there for tea, who is the bridal party, other than Rachel as the flower girl, and Miranda and Fawna as bridesmaids and Dylan as best man))
Miranda should Jake(DJ) and his bride to be into the parlor, there she had many dresses up on mannequins and a big notebook on the table surrounded by a bunch of photographs
"Pick any of the dresses, theirs from my moms closet, well she designed them in her spare time, I used magic to make the ones I thought you'd like ((chose from here ))
Just then a young girl about the age of ten walked in. "There you are Rachel, you're fifteen minutes late!" Miranda scolded "what I was eating my sandwich" Rachel complained "meet the flower girl" said Miranda. " if you'd like I could set up a fashion show to present the dresses, I can just move the sofa into the dinning hall and have my cousins model the dresses on the dinning table
((Please link it))
Okay then said Miranda and she magically duplicated the dress
"Just let me tell you I'm only in it for the cake." Said Rachel "RACHEL!" Miranda snapped they walked out of the room and started arguing in the hall
"Anywaaays, yeah we agreed on red" said jake
" I can't wait till the bachelorette party" said Miranda
"Let's have it tonight!" Said Miranda eagerly
((I think we should try to RP this wedding fast because I have another RP idea that this leads into))
((thou must wait and seeth))
Don't worry, Cordelia could probably watch Rachel" said Miranda as they walked upstairs
((I can now, sort of))
The party was already set up and all the girls were there, they cheered as Chelsea walked in and gave Miranda pats on the back
They danced and drank a lot of faygo
((After reading homestuck I love faygo, can we go to the next day?))
((What the faygo or skipping forward, I just can't wait for them to walk down the isle, or to reveal my idea))
It was a night sunny day perfect weather for getting married Chelsea as in Miranda's room having her bridesmaids adjust her dress


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