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This is a one on one rp for me and nyan, Nuff said

I shall be
And I may add in a few others later..

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"Hehe" they giggled
"Yay free present!" Cheered Fawna
Fawn ran and grabbed a lostprohets tshirt
Fawna dug though her tote and found thirty bucks. With the 30 she also bought a wristband that said badass and a black veil brides poster
"Yes" he agrees
Fawn also grabbed an asking Alexandria shirt
"Good idea"
Then they all walked back outside
Jake picked her up and led her over to a chair
((Hay can you midnight RP today))
Fawna handed jake her water bottle jake handed the bottle to chelsea
((Dude can we have then go back to the Faire))
Meanwhile the others where at be Faire watching a joust


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