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This is a one on one rp for me and nyan, Nuff said

I shall be
And I may add in a few others later..

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((YAY! You start cause idk how to XP))

((Yeah, in that case ill attempt to start, I'm also adding in Dylan Andrea Jason and Prizm
Fawna walked across the bridge into the field where the renaissance fair was being held. The skirt of her pirate costume flowed behind her. Her friends followed her, they were in costume too, Eveline was a fairy, Miranda was a sorceress(of course) wen was a knight, Ethan was a warrior and Wendaline was a gypsy, Dylan was a hunter, Andrea was a princess, Jason was a lord, and Prizim's was a merchant girl
((Good enough it's getting us started here))
Andrea ran up to Nina and squealed in happiness. They were both princesses
"Yay" Andrea cheered in agreement.
"oh my bid are you okay?" Andrea asked as she helped Chelsea up
"Shall we go to see a joust my lady?" He asked Wendaline. She giggled and grabbed his hand. The others followed Jason with his arm around Andreas waist, Ethan of course carried his damsel Eveline (he always does) Wen and Miranda shared a brofist and followed behind the rest
When hey got to the joust they sat in chairs outside the tavern
"no she's right" Prizim stood Miranda stood with her recited what sounded like Latin a rainbow then appeared over the sky
((Don't forget about the California girls RP I'm looking forward to how that comes out))
"But this is a renaissance fair now a dark ages fair" protested Andrea
"That makes two of us" fawna agreed and brushed her blue hair out of he face, all of her makeup was black so was her costume, she was emo-goth anyway
Fawna stood up and walked away, just about everyone was happy. She was alone. She wiped a tear off her face and ran into the fairy forest. "Fawna wait!" Miranda ran after her into the forest "Fawna! Fawna where are you!" Mitanda called into the deep dark forest


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