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This is a one on one rp for me and nyan, Nuff said

I shall be
And I may add in a few others later..

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"Will you do me the honor of letting me buy you a root beer?" He asked
DJ escorted her to the tavern and ordered two root beers
"Sure thing" he replied
"I'm not afraid of you" she said, "you remind me of myself"
"Yep." He replied
((What window))
"I have two" he said and pulled one out of each pocket
"I used them or the same reason" he said and rolled up both sleeves releasing dozens of cuts
"Nah, I dont get into fights with Unsuspecting people, smashing mailboxes, sledgehammering cars an stealing candy from kids are more of my thing" he said "And I don't have a magic thingy" he pointed to her ring
((okay peace out))
"Oh you mean like a family hand me down from a great grandmothers all or something?" he asked
"Oh, so what happened" he asked
"Yeah fawna is something." he said, "one day back when I was dating prizm we were on a boat in the middle I this pleasant lake I told her I needed to ask her something and she started crying and said she couldn't marry me, she rowed the boat back to shore an I never talked to her again. I was only gonna ask her if she was going to drop out of school. I still see her but we don't talk." he said then he looked down at the mid and sighed


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