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Heeeeey, buddy. :3 RP fun time, yay! 8D

So, uh, I dunno what you want the setting for our charries to meet to be, but I was thinking maybe a normal day at school and/or Ariadne's first day at MH?

Oh, and the 'rules' for ze RP (mainly so that the forum mods don't have to hurt us, which would be bad, because I'm friends with them XDD).

1. No hardcore swearing
2. No ~ innuendo ~ *eye brow wiggle*

....I can't think of anything else. ;-;

Oh, and do ya wanna write this in first or third person? (Either or is fine with me, really.)

So. Uh. Yeah. :3 Want me to list all my charries ahead of time or just have them come up in the RP and stuff?

Oh yeah, and rule #3.
Have fun! >:D

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Welp I was thinking I was going to write in 3rd person, I'll feel bad if I tell you to write a certain way. I was also thinking of having her meet your character Felicia because well I think they'd be good friends and well Ariadne's all lonely ;__;. But I digress, I was thinking of having it be her first day at MH and she's all like "what am I doing here?" "I should be home with the gods where I belong" etc. etc.

Pfft, don't worry. I love 3rd person. XD But this sounds good. I think she's gonna really like Felly too. :3 So, shall I start?

Okie dokie loki and yes please :3.

Alrighty-dighty! Let's make it happen! 8D

Felica Fright hummed softly to herself as she fiddled with her locker, trying to get it opened. She facepalmed as she missed part of her combination and started all over again. This time it worked and her locker sprang open. She stowed her backpack and grabbed the books she needed for her first class.

Ariadne sighed as she walked into Monster High. She honestly didn't know why she was there, she was neither mortal, nor monster. As she approached her assigned locker she noticed the one next to her was owned by a pale white female ghost who looked not much older than 16. Ariadne then looked back at her locker and was instantly confused, she had never seen one of these things in her whole life. They didnt have these sort of contraptions back home on Mount. Olympus. She unfolded the tiny paper in her hand, it had read the lockers number as well as the combination. She stared at the paper then looked at the lock. It finally hit her and she opened her locker with surprising ease. She put her stuff in and removed the books she needed. "Uhm, excuse me" she said shyly to the girl standing at the locker next to hers.

oc: sorry if this is too lengthy .-.

"Yes?" Fel said, looking up at the girl standing next to her. She had never seen her before at Monster High (or out of Monster High for that matter). Ooo, is she a new student? she wondered. And she's real pretty too.

"Do you know where Mrs. Scarington's room is?"  Ariadne asked looking down at her schedual then back at the pretty ghost girl standing in front of her.

Oc: I'm so great at coming up with names aren't I? xD (totally sarcastic btw)

"Yep! Want me to show ya the way?" Fel said cheerfully, smiling warmly at the girl in front of her.

Ariadne smiled with relief "yes please" she giggled. They started walking down the hall "so, uhm, what you have?" she asked attempting to improve her english. She sighed in frustration about her not-so-great english. Her native language was ancient greek, not modern day english. Though Athena had painstakingly taught her enough english for her to get by.



"I've got Mad Science with Mr. Hack. Let me tell you, it's not a fun class," she laughed. "Oh, I'm Felica, by the way, but my friends call me Fel. What's your name? Are you new here?" she asked conversationally. Then she cringed slightly. "Whoops. Sorry if I'm being nosy. Gotta remember some people don't like little ghosts they just met interrogating them!" She giggled slightly after saying this, but it was a halfhearted laugh.

Ariadne giggled at all of Felicia's questions. " name is Ariadne" she said. Ariadne nodded "yes....I am new here" she said starting to feel a little home sick. "I am sorry...if my...english isn't so...uhm...good" she apologized hoping she was saying the right thing.

"Oo, really? Well, welcome to Monster High!" Fel replied with a grin. "Feel free to come to me about ANY questions, comments, or concerns. Oh, and don't worry, your English is a-okay!" She shifted the books around in her arms as they walked around the corner. "So, where're you from, Ariadne?"


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