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Not sure how much more these will cost but i think they might be 25 to 30 dollars.

there is also tinker bell, Alice and Pocahontas coming out.

There will be fashion packs and a mutipack too with dolls in orginal outfits. I think the fashion packs are different then the bonus outfits but I'm not 100 percent sure. I hope i can find these in stores last year i never did. I'm not a fan of online ordering.

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Yeah, all these updates would be great if I could find these in store.  I had to order mine online. :(

The only stores I managed to find them in were large Spencer's stores and stores that catered to games and toys.  With the regular dolls being 25$ I'm expecting the doll + outfit packs to jump up 10$ more.  I really love these dolls but the prices are outrageous.  That being said, Tink and Alice are still must haves, gah too awesome O_O

Wow I can't for these especially Pocahontas she's my favourite princess, it's a shame I have all the first releases so I won't be able to get the outfits but at least there will be fashion packs too look forward too, I didn't think they would do any more but I'm glad they did.

I think the cheapest they were being sold for was on the Kmart website for $20 and free shipping, but they all sold out.  :(

Probably only getting the Alice.

I really like these dolls, but I've never seen them in stores.  Even online there don't seem to be too many options for ordering them.  I hope maybe the new ones will be more widely available.

I wish they'd distribute them a bit better. I've never seen them in any store where I live (Canada), and had to order the first set online from Costco of all places! Surprised they are not in Toysrus here. They're really well made quality dolls, and I'd love to buy the new ones coming out.


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