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although my daughter says she better come with Nightmare. I'm thinking no on that. can't to wait to hear if this is a basic, I hope it's not another exclusive!

 Introducing Headless Headmistress Bloodgood!

Bj-Lydia found and posted this pic:

Here she is!!!!!! Picture from

She'll be a Toys R Us exclusive. - Bj-Lydia

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theres no screaming in happiness cuz everyone voted for arachne

I hope this is a prototype and still in development when they showed her to us. Her head should separate at the bottom or her neck and not the top. They to make a new torso with detachable neck so she'd look screen accurate. If she comes like this with a CAM style head, I'll have to display her with her head on.

It's me or her hair just look weird?

I want her so bad! she's cool

I totally want her too I do hope she will come with nightmare but eather way I am def. going 2 get one ;}

Dracuevelyn said:

I want her so bad! she's cool


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