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although my daughter says she better come with Nightmare. I'm thinking no on that. can't to wait to hear if this is a basic, I hope it's not another exclusive!

 Introducing Headless Headmistress Bloodgood!

Bj-Lydia found and posted this pic:

Here she is!!!!!! Picture from

She'll be a Toys R Us exclusive. - Bj-Lydia

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I'm betting on my boy Heath showing up. His time has come!

And the Bloodgood doll looks good, though as many said she really needs her horse to go with it. Maybe Mattel will sell Nightmare separately.

I wonder if they'll do something about her neck. The obvious peg to attach the head to ruins the whole 'Headless' look somewhat.

coolio! Come on..... Wydowna Wydowna Wydowna!!! Get yo spidery butt on the shelf next to HHB!!!

I really like this one, then again there hasn't been a doll that I didn't like, well besides those B&W versions of Frankie. She might come come with the Nightmare or not. Obviously if they were to display an obvious large silhouette behind her, then we all would have known who the character would be. Then again, they could have displayed Nightmare right after they revealed HHB but they didn't.
Here's hoping to see Wydona, Billy, or Heath next. And also guys, can I get some clarifacations on Heath in whether or not he is a Main or Background character. Due to the fact that Manny and Hoodude are always in the background (and at times in the main plot), those two seem to confuse me, and now I'm also wondering if Hoodude is a M or B character also.

It's cool we get to see another new doll and one the consumers voted on last year, but what really SUCKS is that both dolls, that we have voted on, are both exclusives.  Scarah you can only get at SDCC and now Bloodgood only at TRU.  What is the point of asking the consumers what kinds of dolls they want, when the dolls ARE released aren't available to EVERYONE? 

Yay perfect for the school!!
But more exclusives? Great.

I just want a freaking Wydona!

Picture from another angle:

What I want to know is... can her head be easily attached/detached from her neck? That would be so cool in such a disturbing way. :]

Looks like she has a CAM pack body.

Probably yes, that's why is that little peg there

Fokkusu said:

What I want to know is... can her head be easily attached/detached from her neck? That would be so cool in such a disturbing way. :]

yay now I don't have to make one! Although the peg should have been in her head so the neck looked clean.  Her boots are to kill for!

I soooo think so also I hope for Grimmily-Ann or Invisi-Billy to be the third!

Lunameth said:

So, with Scarah and now Bloodgood released... Who thinks daughter of Arachne will be next??


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